Man Gets His Dog Shot Trying To Resist Arrest in Bishop, California

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Bishop, California — On July 24 shortly after 2:00am Inyo County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a domestic violence restraining order violation at 969 Tu Su Lane. Upon arrival of the deputies, neither the reporting party nor the suspect could be located. While looking in the area, the deputies noticed a male subject across the street at the Chevron station, which was closed; the subject was agitated and yelling. When the first deputy contacted the subject (32 year old Bishop man, George Barlow III) Barlow asked, “Can I kill you too?” Barlow then charged the deputy with his pit bull closely behind him.

The deputy continually ordered Barlow to stop charging. When Barlow came within 10 feet, the deputy deployed his Taser. Due to the heavy clothing Barlow was wearing, the Taser had no effect on Barlow. Barlow removed his heavy sweater. The second deputy responded to the Chevron at this point and after Barlow refused to follow commands, he deployed his Taser striking Barlow in the upper abdomen. This caused Barlow to fall to the ground. Before the deputies were able to handcuff him, Barlow sat up and removed the Taser darts. Deputies transitioned to a baton and after striking him, Barlow grabbed the baton and attempted to get it away from the deputy.

Both deputies received dog bites before a deputy was able to shoot the dog. Barlow was pepper sprayed which caused him to release his grasp on the baton and charge at the deputies. Verbal commands were continued to be given to Barlow which he ignored. The Sheriff’s Office deployed its canine which was able to subdue Barlow until an additional officer from the Bishop Police Department arrived and they were able to handcuff Barlow. Deputies immediately provided medical aid until an ambulance responded to medically clear Barlow before transport.

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0:00 – 911 Call
1:12 – Bodycam: Deputy #1
2:55 – Bodycam: Deputy #2

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “Man Gets His Dog Shot Trying To Resist Arrest in Bishop, California

  1. Rest in peace dear faithful and innocent friend. You don't deserve that. I will pray for you.

  2. Что если, придумать для полицейских пистолет со снотворным для животных, для подобных случаев? А то жалко их, когда погибают защищая своих хозяев… 😢

  3. I respect the work of the police BUT the cop who shot the dog is a scoundrel! He has a gas, a shocker, a club in the end, but he just took and shot the dog that defended the owner as best he could! Rascal cop.

  4. Я уважаю работу полиции НО коп стрелявший в собаку негодяй! У него есть газ, шокер, дубинка в конце концов а он просто взял и застрелил собаку которая как могла защищала хозяина! Негодяй коп.

  5. That doggy had a hold of his wing wang. Don't know if he wanted to be a transgender. It's known in three to six months after getting vasectomy anger issues subside

  6. He killed his dog with his own hand and the cop gave him a warning that they going to kill his dog. He was able to stop resisting after knowing his dog was in danger but he didn't give a shit about the poor dog.

    he is a selfish man he didn't give a shit about the dog or even his ex.

  7. Guy on Bath Salts: laying on the ground
    Cop: Get on the ground! Get on the ground!
    Guy on Bath Salts: Which one of us is on Bath Salts?

    Bath Salts – not for consumption.

  8. All police should really take monthly boxing or basic striking classes and just knock this dude out instead of running away from him. Bam, sleepy time, no amount of drugs, PCP or meth is going to prevent a sucker punch.

  9. One thing i noticed and find quite interesting is, that the officer talks to his K9 in German? Anybody else realized that?
    He said „Fass fass fass“ and „Aus!“

  10. I can't believe this idiot let his dog die!
    He never should've had the dog in the 1st place!
    If that was me & my dog…I would've said, "Alright, I'll go with you…just let me put my dog up 1st!"

  11. the dog didnt seem to be doing much. probly wasnt necessary to shoot it. asshole cop. i support the police but the dogs actions seemed kinda halfass.

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