LAPD Cop Shoot at Suspect Who Pointed a Gun at Him During Foot Chase

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Los Angeles, California — On February 7, 2023, at around 3:35 p.m., Van Nuys Gang Enforcement Detail (GED) uniformed officers observed a male Hispanic, identified as Ramon Gonzalez, riding his bicycle in the area of Tyrone Avenue and Victory Boulevard. The officers had prior knowledge that Gonzalez was wanted for a murder warrant and named on an Assault with a Deadly Weapon (ADW) shooting Investigative Report (IR) that occurred in Van Nuys Division. The officers ordered Gonzalez to stop while broadcasting for back-up. Gonzalez failed to comply with the officers’ commands. The officers drove alongside Gonzalez at which time he made contact with the passenger side mirror causing him to stop, get off the bicycle, and flee on foot.

As the passenger officer prepared to exit the police vehicle to pursue Gonzalez, a Tactical Unintentional Discharge (TUD) occurred. The officers continued to chase Gonzalez through a parking lot towards Victory Boulevard. During the foot pursuit, Gonzalez removed a handgun from his waistband, turned and pointed it at one of the officers, resulting in an Officer-Involved Shooting (OIS). Gonzalez was struck by the officer’s rounds, dropped his handgun, and was subsequently taken into custody. Gonzalez was transported to a local hospital and treated for his injuries and cleared for booking. Gonzalez was booked on an open charge of ADW on a Police Officer with a Firearm, and his No Bail felony warrant for Murder. Additional charges for the ADW Shooting IR are pending. No officers or citizens were injured during the incident. A handgun was recovered at scene. The handgun was identified as a Ghost Gun with one round in the chamber and nine rounds in the magazine.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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38 thoughts on “LAPD Cop Shoot at Suspect Who Pointed a Gun at Him During Foot Chase

  1. If he wouldn't run, he wouldn't have been shot. Period. Those cops knew how to shoot. That is why only the criminal was shot.

  2. It always cracks me up when you hear men give lawful orders with deep verbal commands and then out of nowhere you hear the squeak of women's voice trying to have an aggressive verbal tone. LMAO! It's like Minnie Mouse Vs. Shredder from TMNT!!! I'm sorry but being a Police Officer is a job for Men. Call me sexist all you want but it just is.

  3. It’s amazing no bystanders were hit. There was a lot of traffic down range of the suspect. Very careless of the officer.

  4. i freakin bus and van behind the suspect when this cop decides to open fire.. jesus plz help who ever got caught in that cross fire

  5. Holly horrible backdrop, Batman. There had to have been 2-3 different cars that passed behind the suspect while the officer was firing at the suspect. I sure hope no one else was hurt in that cluster.

  6. Yep it sure look like he did a pit maneuver on a bicycle! As more and more cross the border This will eventually be an hourly occurrence in United States!

  7. The officer does a negligent discharge and then creates a crossfire. He should be put behind the table for desk job for a long time or sent back to the academy

  8. Thanks my brothers and sisters in blue! Glad you didn’t hit any civilians. Glad you got this criminal processed through the system. Sorry that so many ignorant back seat quarterbacks judge every single thing you all do; not acknowledging that in every single profession, some are masters at their craft, some are still learning, and a very small handful are just pieces of sh*t. All anyone can do is try their best. Great job 👏 glad nobody was hurt except the criminal.

  9. I don't understand why they put out a video and lie in title there was no gun it was a cell phone once again cops that should be charged with attempted murder 💯🇺🇸🏴‍☠️🧐

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