Innocent until Proven Guilty: A Human Right

It’s beyond just a legal right, it’s a human right. It’s essential we do not lose it.

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30 thoughts on “Innocent until Proven Guilty: A Human Right

  1. 1. Sorry I don't have any fancy looking background in my basement when I impromptu stream.
    2. Thinking back through, I didn't have my thoughts as organized in my head as much as I normally like to when I live stream but it is what it is, hopefully it's still valuable.
    3. I think real victims should have real opportunities to have the justice system work for them.
    4. I think Kavanaugh being conservative isn't why I think what I think.
    5. Innocent until proven guilty is about a principle, not my political leanings.
    6. I think it's super important we value this as a cornerstone of a free society.
    7. I'll keep trying to be better at live streams and content for you guys but I will always keep it real.

    I think I said it better and more succinctly on my Instagram live video if you want a faster recap there 🙂

  2. And where is this written into the constution? Judge Mathies, Federal 5th Circut Court, San Antonio, TX said "you are guilty until proven innocent!" I guess you know more than this Federal Judge.

  3. It makes me happy to see people like Mike who stand for human rights. As a society we cannot just convict people without the proper amount of evidence otherwise our entire justice system would become a flop. There has to be a standard amount of strong evidence whenever anyone gets accused of something republican democrat it doesnt matter. There are a lot of people that are being released from prison from crimes they did not commit and will never get that portion of their life back.

  4. I'm a feminist and I believe Innocent until proved guilty. It is terrible that some people tried to convict and destroy Kavanaugh to get their way.

  5. No more thugs in blue and black, we just want our freedom back .
    . Blue lies matter we live in fear, Blue ISIS murders 1200 a year .
    We need this violence and abuse to stop, tell that to your loving cops .
    No victim no crime until they invent it, all Cops are Corrupt and Sadistic

  6. So it appears that you are one of those people, that cause women not to come forward. I did not tell my story, for 47 years. I don't know how I got to the place, where I was assaulted, I don't remember how I left this place. But I remember every single second in between, vividly. I saw this woman give her account, and it was like looking in the mirror. I know she is telling her truth. What should she have done, after 36 years later? Go to the cops? What would they have done? I don't know. Have you ever been victimized, assaulted sexually? If not, then you don't know what you are talking about. This woman kept it secret, until she had a fight with her husband, about having a second door. I know it sounds silly, but she felt safe about having this second door. The couple went to counselling, and it is then, when she revealed this to her husband, that she was sexually assaulted. You don't know the secrets and humiliation that people like her and me receive. It's embarrassing and we ask ourselves, is this our fault? Since you are a male, do you automatically believe the man? It seems like you do. The old white privileged men on the judiciary committe wanted this person pushed through. The FBI did an investigation, but not thorough enough. There were 40 people on the list for them to interview, but our great president put the kibosh on that. It was also really cool, when the other night the president mocked her, at a rally. The president of the united states, mocked a sexual assault survivor.

    Kavanaugh was a jerk. Did you see his testimony? I thought he was going to go over his desk, and strangle some of this senators. He was very disrespectful to some of these senators. He screamed, he said he lifted weights, studies and went to church. He brought a calendar from 1982, with his schedule that month. First off, who keeps calendars from 1982? Someone who is looking for an alibi. How long does one keep a calendar? He knew this story was coming out, and he went about asking his friends, to fudge the truth. Wow.

    Please believe a woman, until otherwise she is proven guilty, when she says she was sexually assaulted, and not ask her why she waited so long for her to talk about this. It's embarrassing, to say the least.
    Again, you are the reason women don't come forward to report their sexual assaults, they are afraid no one would believe them. Apparently no one believed Dr. Ford.

  7. I still think that bringing provably false rape or sexual assault charges against someone, should get you the sentence they would have received had they been convicted. Even if it's proved a lie after they've served 15 years in prison. You get scooped up and sent in.

  8. If these allegations could actually hold any weight they would have brought it up in the beginning of the hearing. Because they knew they would hold no weight early the Democrats waited till the last minute. This is a stall tactic.

  9. I’m sure that I am not the only one who noticed that Doctor/Miss Ford was acting like she was still a teenager….. and what college professor does not know the meaning of exculpatory???

  10. I'm shocked that you as someone in law enforcement would event make a statement like this, talking about being "Innocent until Proven Guilty" is not really the point, a very simple analogy would be a pilot who was suspected of being drunk while flying a plane would more than likely be suspended with or without pay until his hearing, yes he is not guilty until the point any legal procedure has run its course, but he isn't going to get a new job working for another airline in the meantime or a promotion and would you argue that that's unfair?…. the bottomline is and Kavanaugh himself alluded to it when he spoke about not being able to coach his daughters basketball while these allegations hung over him. The allegations need to be looked into if you applied for a job as Ronald McDonald with these allegations in your background check you would not be hired, yet somehow this shouldn't apply to a supreme court justice, that doesn't mean you could never be hired yet, simply they need to be reviewed. Thankfully common-sense seems to have prevailed and they are going to be reviewed.

  11. As far as the timing comment, I think it is plausible that the accusers believed that people should know the truth. Law enforcement wouldn't do anything about it due to statute of limitations. I really don't think Ford is part of a widespread democrat conspiracy. If Kavanaugh isn't put there, another republican will just be put there anyway.

  12. Hey Mike, I was wondering what you saw in the body language of Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh during the hearing. If you were interviewing Kavanaugh on the street, would you look further into him? Would you look further into Ford? Did either seem like they were hiding something?

  13. I agree innocent until proven guilty but it's actually not a human right. It's a right afforded by the US Constitution. Not all countries have that freedom.

  14. Agreed, with your view but I think this is just a shadow of things to come. When a group feels like they can violate anyone's right because their opinion is the right one, then darkness of the soul comes with them.

  15. I liked the Glock assembly challenge.  My husband wears the Glocks in our family.  I'm a Smith & Wesson / Sig Sauer gal.

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