Full Bodycam Footage of Angel Guice Being Arrested Over Citation

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Atlanta, Georgia — On August 8, 2022 Angel Guice and an unnamed male were hanging out at Shady Valley Park in northeast Atlanta after the park was closed. The cop, identified as Officer Brooks, proceeds to issue the pair a citation. Guice’s male friend looks over the document and asks if there will be any charges against him. The officer responds, saying it’s only a ticket. The male asks if he has to sign it and the officer informs him that he will go to jail if he doesn’t. The man signs the citation. Next, he calls Guice over and tells her the same information. She asks the officer for his badge number and full name. He declines to give his first name but does provide his badge number.

When she continues to refuse, the officer tells her she’s being arrested, she then says she’ll sign the ticket but the officer says it’s too late. After the woman does not comply, Officer Brooks proceeds to handcuff her and she began actively resisting his efforts. This resulted in a physical altercation as the officer attempted to place her into custody. The struggle continues for several minutes. The woman can be heard continuing to ask why she was being arrested. The officer could be heard continuing to ask her to put her hands behind her back. After six minutes, the officer took the woman into custody.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Full Bodycam Footage of Angel Guice Being Arrested Over Citation

  1. The boyfriend should have effectively protected his woman. He failed. The cop was on a power trip as usual.

  2. This victim playing drama queen is deff either one of them looney Pisces chicks or Aries ♓♈😩🤡's

  3. Should’ve tazed her. She was all big, bad and combative until she was on the ground!! Then those tears and screaming went straight away when the door closed!!!
    Lesson: just sign the dang ticket. Fight it in court. Not on the side of the road. Also, don’t act like this horrid woman

  4. BLM Types: This cop is racist!!!!!!
    The Sensible: He was black….
    BLM Types: You must be a Trump supporter……

  5. All police lovers gathered here. The cops aren't always right.

    One day, my wife called the police, for the support of her friend, and said that I had attacked her.

    His friend also witnessed. At that time, I was sitting at home reading my book.

    The police who came did not believe me and handcuffed me backwards and took me to the police station.

    I was in custody that night, and the next morning the court sentenced me not to approach the house and its surroundings for 30 days.

    so I lost my job. I lived on the street for 30 days. because I wasn't even allowed to go home and get my car, wallet and phone.

    made me look like a criminal even though the police had no proof.

    I later objected to these events and the court found me not guilty and deleted the record.

    Cops need to be impartial and professional.

  6. I like how she said that she didn't know it was illegal to be at the park at that hours, but ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law and plus The streets is never where you fight. The cops Court is where you fight the cops. I guarantee you if this couple would have gone in and said hey. We were just at the park after hours. We didn't even know they probably would have gotten this citation cleared and waved not even having to pay a fined IF they don't have any other driving driveing priors don't fight cops on anything they are they real gangsters of the streets

  7. Notice how the boyfriend lies about how the story went when we all seen what happened
    That's why I don't believe any of it
    And the entitled professional victims don't they realize by acting like your a hurt victim and requesting a ambulance or hospital you're just prolonging your time in custody

  8. What's the problem, she refused to sign the ticket, she was told what would happen as a result, she then claims she doesn't understand why she is being arrested. I agree it was unnecessary, completely unnecessary for her to react and carry on that way.

  9. You know who runs this relationship. Her entitlement and arrogance got her arrested. Her man was to weak to tell her to sign the ticket and let's get out of here. She was masculine until Mr. Brooks gave her some accountability for her actions.

  10. Dnt sign and you go to jail? What type of Nazi shit is that? All over a citation? Naw these cops don't know their own fake laws

  11. Cuz he politely asked u to sign the ticket 2-3 times. Black white it doesn't matter. It's the law. Everyone feels entitled these days.

  12. Poor white cop wouldve been called racist over the exact same thing lool😩😭btw ima person of color just not one who uses my race to play victim

  13. As someone who has worked in law enforcement for almost 30 years, all I see in this incident is an overzealous police officer, overreacting to a rather mundane call, reacting to an entitled and possibly intoxicated subject, and one of the people in this incident should have remained super calm (other than the male subject, who, I thought, was quite reasonable) — the police officer himself. He did nothing to bring the situation back to what it should have been: a simple warning to please leave the park (which they were about to). Had he done that, none of this silliness would have happened.

  14. Haha, the levels of 'Jogging for Victimhood' in this one is off the charts! Less than halfway in I'm just waiting for either of them to break out the 'I CAN'T BREEVVV'' to complete my bingo card.

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