Albuquerque, NM – ​@CopsConsTV obtained body worn camera from the Albuquerque Police Department of an incident with a Delta flight that was traveling from Los Angelas to Nashville. In an early June 2021 incident the flight was forced to divert to Albuquerque after a passenger became unruly ultimately punching a flight attendant on board

The plane landed safely in Albuquerque, N.M. and passengers deplaned as authorities took Asiel Norton into custody. He was interviewed by the police and then the FBI.

Norton’s federal court case is pending charged with disrupting a flight.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFMmfTMN2k0 ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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  1. Always one grown ass man acting like a child in every group. He has to be the lisdest. The one that he thinks every one likes to hear but don't lol.

  2. It's not ok to hit the flight attendant but ok to hit any one else ? The guy clearly has no issue with it he keeps asking if can

  3. This is how people act these days . Every one thinks they are better then every one else n they all nothing but useless waist of air. Some one talked trash the other day to me and said have fun driving cause I don't fly. I will take a drive any where over being in a place like this. I worked for north east air years ago I won't fly I won't work for them. No affiliation with any airline Co. They all suck. Just like the people on this plane.

  4. That manCHILD sitting in front (and a few others) should have been taken off as well….I had to keep fast forwarding because I couldn't stand listening to the Cretin 🤡🙄

  5. The passengers must’ve been extremely distressed you can tell from their laughing the laughing is out of freight and thinking God they’re alive for this crazy person who is on the plane

  6. Mental health is a serious problem. ER nurses and LE deal with it daily, hourly. Money needs to be spent on getting people help to prevent these tragedies from occurring. Thank you all that was involved for keeping our sky’s safe

  7. I really dont think people with mental issues should be flying…..but how can the Airlines know? It appears that most people are functionally psychotic or something.

  8. and all I can see one year later this took place is all the useless masks and a bunch of people who could not be inconvenienced, refusing to stand up to tyranny and these illegal mandates. Am in Functional Medicine and never wore one once as my published research was in alternative cancer. Warned since March of 2020 they were cancer causers as cancer thrives in low oxygen environments. Some masks even had warnings of such in them. How many of you knew masks are considered a medical procedure and if one must wear them medically, a RX from a doctor must prescribe – you know – like in a bank?? Wait till all the death dart data starts coming out – and all so people wouldn't be inconvenienced and fly the unfriendly skies with corporations actively participating in genocide. All we have left are men who drink and eat too much soy.

  9. Reading the comments on here , gives me hope for humanity & compassion for BROTHER in crisis !
    Also to the officers * agents
    Gives me hope for law ENFORCEMENT!!
    Umm this Officer/military has been in every Cabal cult & places of evil satanic cesspool!! Every place he SAID !!
    Beyond discussing with passengers on this Flight!!
    Shameful & ignorant behavior & conduct for fellow human beings !!
    I hope this Man , got the help he deserves.. Because its this corrupt SYSTEM that responsible for these poor PEOPLE!!

  10. The mentally impaired guy lawyers up and doesn't incriminate himself 👌✊👏 way to go! Why is this so difficult for the rest of society?! Singing like a canary just makes the cop's jobs easier and usually they wind up giving too much information and making it worse! And they STILL go to jail! STFU and get a lawyer, it's our right!

  11. All those passengers were loud & obnoxious especially the one sitting right in front of the one arrested. Truly a despicable pos for telling the officers to fuck him up.

  12. The way the cop tapped his body cam when the guy asked him if he could hit him a few times. Then they fist bumped. Cops really thinks they’re slick.

  13. My anxiety is bad. Hearing the passengers be so loud in a tight space where you cannot move to be so so hard. Did they give them a bunch of drinks?

  14. If I had the man who is sitting infront of him on a flight, ID PUT HIM IN HIS PLACE! He’s showing off infront of his buddies! He’s loud and obnoxious! Complete tool bag

  15. What's really annoying is the raucous noises the other passengers make. Each one tries to outlaugh the other. Immature.

  16. I was going through xanax withdrawal when my brother put me on a plane from California to Seattle. I felt like I was going to loose it completely. The terror was hell. I feel for this guy he was obviously having some kind of schizophrenic episode.

  17. Not sure why they didn't get those idiots off the plane before dealing with the disgruntled passenger. Those idiots around him weren't helping the situation at all. I could only imagine what it was like prior to the police arriving.

  18. I find it disturbing that this man is tied in this position with no one doing anything and a bunch of assholes being jerks

  19. I feel sorry for this man, he has serious mental health issues I’m grateful to the police for treating him humanely. My prayers peace and love to all.

  20. I thought every police station had cameras and recording devices in their interrogation rooms. Albuquerque is not a small hick town.

  21. To me, the other passengers were unruly! Even the guy that sat in front of him. What an ***hole! The other passengers should had been reprimanded too. Crazy!

  22. I have watched a lot of these types of law enforcement videos lately, thanks to my YouTube suggestions; but I had to skip over most of this since the audio was the complete antithesis of ASMR. It was stunningly unnerving when the officer would rub against the microphone! I'm not usually bothered by noises, either. (I liked speed-metal in the 1980's!)

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