Drunk Governor’s Kid Gets Help from State Police

@CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage of an incident involving the Governor of Oklahoma’s son.

According to a deputy’s report, Logan County Deputies were called out to Guthrie Haunts on October 31 after someone reported “found firearms” in the parking lot.

Two rifles, two pistols, magazines, and ammunition were found by a deputy. Moments later, John Drew Stitt, the governor’s son, approached deputies and said the box belonged to him.

“While speaking to the male, I could smell the odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from his person,” the deputy said in a report.

At first, John Stitt, who showed the deputy his military identification card, denied being under the influence but later admitted that he was intoxicated by alcohol, according to the incident report.

“He then advised me that he was the Governor’s son,” the deputy wrote.

John Stitt said one of the found pistols belonged to his father.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education.

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46 thoughts on “Drunk Governor’s Kid Gets Help from State Police

  1. People are always upset when important people and their families get special treatment. I’m not. So what? Of course cops are going to look out for each other and important people are able to get favors. That’s what comes with positions of power. I know I would gladly accept my perks if I were somebody important. Let’s get over it and avoid trouble if we can’t handle it.

  2. If that was me they kick my butt ..thrue me in back of the car.and charge me with 7 charges..to be honest my dad is the gobernor..u have to let me go…waooo..this dont look good..hes drunk .and nothing happend..cause he is the gobernor son..looossseeerrrr

  3. Wtf did the kid try to offer those police a promotion!!! And also did the state police let him take all the guns back and drive away intoxicated!!!!!! This have to be investigated by internal affair or something there are a 2 way justice system in America!!!😢😢😢

  4. You could hear the lady cop don’t want to let them go but her supervisor and superior told her let them go !!!! She could have override her superior but I think she didn’t want to jeopardize her job !!!! But that’s not kool there override protocol!!! All the law Biden citizens have to look at this video and 🤮 throw up 🤢!!!!!! Hope this video go virals!!!!!

  5. Wow no ticket nothing !!!!!!! That is ashame there got save that if those children wasn’t related to the politicians would all have gotten a ticket and be in jail for at least 8 hour …. This is horrible policing and have to take this to the higher courts or something all those that with this matter should be investigating again for this process

  6. Brock turner at it again! Future rapist in the making. The most wonder bread thing I’ve seen all week! And it’s been Christmas weekend these past three days

  7. This is bull💩😡 IDGAF who's son you are! He could have killed someone! And has an underage person that's drunk?!?!?! Complete bullshit

  8. Ok, um, people lie to cops ALL THE TIME. Almost every time really. And yea, the Guv sending a trooper is messed up, but think about it really – The governor would need an entire security detail to go down there, would immediately escalate this thing into breaking news all over the place, and probably create a hazard itself. So the option is just have the trooper take care of it, not an entire security detail and sweep etc.

  9. If he was not the governors son, him and his friends that were intoxicated would have been ticketed at the least. But here comes state patrol to take care of the kid because he is above the law. And under 22 he is not supposed to have a handgun period.

  10. She would have lost her job had she arrested the governors kid. Dont be stupid. It wouldnt have been today or the next but the target on her back would have been so big Ray Charles would have seen it. She

  11. Entitiled
    Exibit A

    A 'normy' would be ROTTING in jail, public defender, chaos, felony, ect.

    Governers entitled spawn or shmuck…drink, guns?

    Fucking dumb.

  12. Sorry, this female has no business being a lieutenant. 20 year old victim that had a few drinks. Cmon man. Really? She had to get direction from her supervisor. She totally overstated the facts. The governors son was polite and respectful. Hate to see the female deputy on a real call for service

  13. SPEAKS VOLUMES at the end when he says well you guys can have some beer referencing he often does on the job so its not a bad thing in his eyes

  14. 😂😂😂😂 that’s shit was gold. "To be honest my dads the Governor. Cop: I don’t give a shit!

  15. looks like Miss Lieutenant Cop had no friends in High School and no Fun or Partys, because she defenetly makes a biiig Deal. I wanna u all be safe, come on, shut up… The Gov for sure will be very unhappy how big aof a Deal she made.

  16. To be fair, they should have been more concerned about who ever tried to steal the firearms from the truck. From the video, it looks like he was still technically on private property so, they really don't have anything to charge him with in the 1st place.

  17. Wow…so it is legal to drink alcohol under age 21 there? Good to know! Also good to know that if your daddy is a Governor your local cops will apologize profusely for pulling you over and taking your alcohol and guns. Wow! You suck!

  18. This cop should know better. APPEARS to be intoxicated. That’s right legal term. He hasn’t been convicted. Innocent until proven guilty.

  19. This is some bullshit, lmao. Why did the Lt. treat him any differently in the first place? Should've charged and booked him like any other person would've gotten arrested. Not to mention that calling the trooper to come to clean up after this kid is a waste of taxpayer and police resources.

  20. Well why is the deputy crying about it? She had the power to arrest him and do the right thing so she cant not do her job and then cry about it.

  21. The government has gone insane with this alcohol enforcement.. I'm more outraged with that than the governor's kid name dropping. In this case I'm cool with it. Hes out having a good time, got something stolen from him and can't even get the police to come out and make a report without them trying to pin something unrelated on him. It really looks like he should have just accepted his loss and went on with his night without calling government for help. They might as well just make alcohol totally illegal again.

  22. Female deputy is acting all upset but guaranteed when she gets a call for something she pulls favors or shows up to fix a problem. She just wanted the chip saying she made the Govenor come out. She was all cool till she heard a trooper would come.

  23. What a surprise that the degenerates in blue played special favors for the person with perceived power. Pigs are complete garbage.

  24. If he can't put his son first, what confidence should his constituents have that they even rank at all? Rules for thee, but not me!

  25. Eff that, make mommy and daddy take TIME that's NOT on the tax payers done to come deal with their son!! This shows the integrity of the governor! If you can't put your child first, what makes his constituents think they even rank at all?

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