DHS-HSI Homeland Security Investigations El Paso SRT MRAP Armored Vehicle

The MRAP featured in this video was in Albuquerque, New Mexico for Law Enforcement Day which was held at a local area Target Store. This MRAP is stationed in El Paso, Texas at The Homeland Security Investigations Office. MRAP is a Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MRAP

Homeland Security Investigations has 26 Special Agent in Charge (SAC) principal field offices throughout the United States. The SAC offices are responsible for the administration and management of all investigative and enforcement activities within the geographic boundaries of the office. The SACs develop, coordinate, and implement enforcement strategies to ensure conformance with national policies and procedures and to support national intelligence programs. SACs coordinate law enforcement activities with the highest level of Federal, state, and local governments, as well as intelligence organizations and international law enforcement entities. In addition, SACs supervise all administrative responsibilities assigned to the office and ensure a responsive Internal Controls Program is developed.

To efficiently manage their designated geographic regions, SAC offices maintain various subordinate field offices throughout their areas of responsibility, which support the enforcement mission. These subordinate field offices, Deputy Special Agents in Charge (DSAC), Assistant Special Agents in Charge (ASAC), Resident Agents in Charge (RAC) and Resident Agents (RA), are responsible for managing enforcement activities within the geographic boundaries of the office



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42 thoughts on “DHS-HSI Homeland Security Investigations El Paso SRT MRAP Armored Vehicle

  1. This is what the government will use to go from neighborhood to neighborhood from house to house from door to door rounding up people to put in fema concentration camps. Anyone who resists will be killed on the spot. Just imagine these vehicles showing up in your neighborhood and the soldiers starting kicking in doors and dragging people out of their homes in the middle of the night with a shoot to kill order. This is how it will go down.

  2. I wonder if this is the vehicle that they watched Trooper Jarrott die from in New Mexico. Clowns.

  3. Describing the ability to shoot from within the armored vehicle, the host admitted that it isn't actually all that loud in there when they shoot. The first question I had about the ability to shoot from within the vehicle had nothing to do with how loud it might be inside the vehicle, but it's interesting that the host thought the noise level within the vehicle was singularly most important to point out.

  4. “Operators”. What a joke. These people know just enough to kill innocent civilians. When I stop hearing stories about special police units getting addresses wrong, then MAYBE we can talk about being an “operator”. Jesus.

  5. You are cops.. not Marines in Afghanistan. What, you think your "operators" may run over some IED's on the way to service "high risk warrants" some drug doods in a house. You are the problem sir…

  6. Good to know they have awesome transport like this. I think the police force should have better protection outfits and cars too. It is needed today. Loved this video. Thank you and keep up the good work. We need it in this evil world today

  7. Get rid of the United States military now. These people are all idiots. Suicide is the number one death of soldiers. They’re all coming home and killing themselves. Do the world a favor and get rid of the federal government and the military.

  8. So many paranoid nut jobs on here. If your that concerned then buy a rifle. These trucks are being used to combat narco terrorists dealing massive amounts of drugs behind U.S lines armed with military grade assault rifles and trained the same as a Mexican special forces commando. When your dealing with drug dealing mercenaries like the narco groups, these vehicles are considered passive. Mexico is using AFV's with mounted .50 cal guns and thermal surveillance. This is nothing compared to Mexico's current military state.

  9. So, where exactly are these being deployed,(or going to be deployed) other then the border? Why would homeland security need 2,700 of these war-machines?

  10. You can read all of the comments below concerning this abuse of power by "our" militarized police. What you don't see is any response from them defending its use against us. They have not addressed our concerns in their description. Because they are throwing it in our faces.

  11. recent news has shown a renewed interest by congressmen to disable the transfer of these weapons to police depts. as well as military firearms and drones , please write and let your congressmen know that the transfer of this equipment must be stopped and either destroyed or removed from the police and never to be transferred back, we will not stand for this anymore

  12. He says "we can go anywhere in the united states to assist other teams with whatever we have coming"
    Sounds like all the laws are in place to move them like the military troops they already are. Their only purpose is to move against the American people.
    CofCC dottorgg
    WVWnews dottnett
    StopTheBlankCheck dottorgg
    RealZionistNews dottcomm

    The guy talking is himself a terrorist. The Constitution says the military cannot be used against the American people. It already has been. And that guy is in the same military fatigues the Israeli military uses.

  13. that thing has only one purpose,  its designed to provide the jackboot govt buttplugs in the vid protection so when they come for u and your guns they will have some protection against you and anyone with you.

  14. well obviously the criminals traded in their guns for rpg's. why else would you need a mine resistant vehicle if your not in the mindset of the middle of a warzone.

    All of America is a battlefield, if you recall the bill S.1867 otherwise known as the NDAA

  15. Those will be used to assault americans rather than protect. Our government and military are supposed to work for us. We pay them. The police state is upon us.

  16. Look what toys the Feds are buying themselves while you have undermanned, underfunded and improperly supplied emergency services (whether it be police, fire or medical) all across the US. Just look at Detroit for example. What a shame. Police officers there have to use their own cellphones while on duty, pay out of their own pockets for squad car gas money, and so on. Search for yourself if you don't believe me.
    To play devil's advocate, .50 BMG protection will not be needed 99.(9)% of the time. Yet a higher standard of protection could (and usually does) mean that said armor (especially personal armor or bullet-resistant window) will withstand more hits of, say, rifle ammunition before (if ever) catastrophically failing. What this means is that in a really intense/long shootout where you have incoming rifle fire, .50 BMG-rated armor will most probably withstand more hits of said rifle bullets before failing than a lower-rated (e.g. rifle-rated) piece of armor. Or you can make use of the same piece of armor (e.g. bullet-resistant window) for a longer period of time (for example multiple shootouts in which said window is hit) without replacing it, if you're willing to take the risk that when it does break, any further incoming fire won't hit anyone inside.

  17. This guy sounds just like a Nazi. This kind of army functioning inside the US has only one perilous outcome, It was written about and later addressed in the US Constitution!You best not drive this rig by my house I will stand in front of you and block your way with a flower till you arrest me. FUCK you we don't need this type of army activity in a free country. A army is not supposed to serve a warrant you lame ass. Quit playing with your guns and go read a book about government.

  18. This person Robert Widicker calling him self a operator and others in SWAT is a disgrace. Why Real operators are Rangers, S.E.A.L.S., Recon, Delta Force, ect..  , these are not operators at all. How dare he call him self one of us. I will love to have a talk with this punk ass bitch when I get back.
     Oh and by the way I would love to see you use that on a civi any time, and see what happens to you later.

  19. Are these really unstoppable? No.If I were in an action movie I'd Hit those fucking windows with paint,Fill up some beer bottles,balloons etc. and blind them windows ;D Remember that tip

  20. makes you want to give up your guns doesn't it? Die Hard 23 is coming out in a few months so these goofy 'mrabs' might see some action after all.

  21. One awesomely armored truck – creepy looking! But I do agree with others: "Are they preparing for a civil war (martial law)?"

  22. One awesomely armored truck – creepy looking! But I do agree with others: "Are they preparing for a civil war (martial law)?"

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