Cops Bust MSNBC Reporter Following Kyle Rittenhouse Jury Home!!!

@CopsConsTV obtained Police Body worn video of a traffic stop involving an individual who identified himself as a “producer” from Atlanta, Georgia and that he worked for NBC. The driver also admitted he was in Kenosha, Wisconsin for the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. The traffic stop happened on November 17th, 2021. The next day in open court Judge Bruce Schroeder in a public display seen by millions chastised MSNBC and kicked out anyone affiliated with MSNBC from the courthouse and court room.

Officers were suspicious of his behavior of tailing the juror bus and running a red light. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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30 thoughts on “Cops Bust MSNBC Reporter Following Kyle Rittenhouse Jury Home!!!

  1. The fake news strikes again. I love that judge!! Hope Kyle sues all these media companies to bankruptcy for defamation and meddling with his trial. I heard a rumor that he is considering this.

  2. Caught RED HANDED trying to intimidate a member of the jury. Want to see were they live so u can send people to scare they and protest outside their homes.

  3. The same shady network that was caught red handed and fined for editing 911 tapes of a Hispanic male to make him out to be racist against the black male he shot in self defense (Zimmerman!) Wasn't their first time caught editing footage and won't be their last I'm sure (they were sharing the fake edited 911 footage again recently as well as other Democrat politicians!) NBC has been caught and fined so many times for editing footage to fit their biased agenda… And then they pull this where they tried to purposely expose the jurors to scare them into the verdict NBC wanted!!! Literally trying to put their lives in danger to force them to do what they wanted! Thank God these trials have such good security measures for jurors. Some people have a tendency to get crazy over trials like this, but for a major news network to do this in the US… Wow! Absolutely unreal! They knew exactly what they were doing following jurors home- intimidating them! Our media is beyond disgusting and dishonest. They only seem to be getting worse and worse as time goes on! So much of what they do anymore should be criminal imo. I have no idea how they get away with many of the things they get away with. As a country, no matter where you stand politically, we really need to start holding our media accountable and demand they be held accountable for their actions just as we regular citizens are!! They are here to report the news as it happens, not to be the news, not to lie/make the news up, not to intimidate/ put in danger jurors to sway their decision, not edit footage to fit their biased agendas, etc.

  4. it's irrelevant what facts they get…it'll be slanted as anything to fuel their narrative of white man bad.

  5. For a news outlet that's constantly lying, they sure were having trouble getting away with this!
    And their idiotic fans will be trying to justify it. Those jurors would have been threatened, beaten, killed, etc. because these journalists are selfish p.o.s.
    They should NOT have blurred their faces out… They should show all the jurors his photo so they know to protect themselves and their families.

  6. Damn that's a massive breach of privacy the media are doing. If they did it for this case I bet they done it for others which could make courts sway in a certain wrong

  7. Let's be clear, if police hadn't stopped this producer, you'd have seen the names and faces of the Rittenhouse jurors plastered on MSNBC for the purposes of making it easier for radicals to find them and make examples of them or coerce them to choose guilty, and there's no other reason they'd be following the jury

  8. Lady caught in the typical lie we are umm like yea you know umm yea we are like following umm yea you knowlike umm … liberal MSNBC still lying making up crap as usual .how's your ratings doing lately hahahahahaha

  9. They weren’t going to leak private info of the jurors. Let’s not be insanely overdramatic. Did they cross a line? Yes. Were they going to put the jurors in danger? HIGHLY doubtful. They were clearly trying to gather intel on the jurors because everyone is going to be screaming for an interview with jurors right after the verdict comes in. If someone at the network has inside info on how to contact a juror, the odds go up that they’ll get the scoop. Guaranteed this isn’t the first time this has happened and they’re not the only network to do it. There’s most certainly a PI element to journalism and just because they have information doesn’t mean they’re going to use it. It would’ve been a nightmare for MSNBC to have doxxed the jurors. Had they not been caught, they may have gotten identifying info on a juror and none of us would be the wiser.

  10. You would think that what they were actually trying to do would be worse than the lie they told, but that didn’t happen here. “We had different people positioned in different parts of the courthouse to see…if umm…like…to position them in different areas”…wtf does that even mean?

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