Bodycam Shows Deputy Hanging Onto SUV Before Shooting Driver

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: phillynews215


46 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Deputy Hanging Onto SUV Before Shooting Driver

  1. But, I don’t understand. Was the Officer stuck somehow? Or did he actually keep holding on in order to secure a reason to use deadly force? I don’t know, this is probably the equivalent of walking in front of a suspects car and shooting them if they drive forward. Which in some cases I can understand because you just happened to be there and it's a bad timing situation. I don't know what this is.

  2. so this is an honest question then.. if he claimed that he purchased the vehicle the way they came.. how would you know if it is an illegal amount of tint or not? i'm genuinely curious cause i was looking into financing a RS Camaro .. and the RS is pre-stocked with tint

  3. Why do some people act like children when they get caught doing wrong? If y'all are that damn scared of police brutality, why in TF would you…

    Ride dirty/smoke in the car
    Have 3% tint on the front windows
    Not have insurance
    Act f-ing nutty when they just want to see your hands

    One side of the spectrum was taught by their parentS to kiss ass until the cop is walking back to his car. Not before/during the encounter. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS YOU IDIOTS. And if you're gangster enough to do the crime, be a big boy and take your medicine when your luck runs out. Bunch of bitches running around out there

  4. Rudolph was stalling for time to take off or pull something with that "scared" act. Shitty acting on his part too.

  5. That B. S excuse that I smell weed in the car so I have the right to search your car, he seen the guy looked nervous and knew he had something else on him but I guarantee he didn't smell weed.

  6. That cop let him make frfr his ass was a goner that’s why he started crying he knew he was starting death in the face!.

  7. Out of curiosity, what's that weird buzzing noise that many police bodycam video seems to have every few seconds.

  8. damn this is sad they were so chill if that guy just complied i doubt he would have done like any jail time probably just some tickets. i feel bad for both of these guy

  9. The cop should of just wrote the ticket and stop that typical excuse I smell marijuana as a reason to detain and search somebody. He was legit but the cop needed to find another excuse

  10. In our Islamic religion, our Messenger commands us to respect each other, and there is no difference between black and white except in the essence, essence, spirit, and the extent of its purity. God does not look at the color of our skin, but looks at the purity of the heart .. This is the message of Islam that the extremists ignore. Those who denigrate and advocate murder and the use of religion for political purposes. My advice to you is to convert to Islam and you will see success in your life. I love you 💐🌿🌙

  11. You can tell that was genuine fear. I’ve seen too many videos of cops and ppl bonding and them being good people but then they get disobedient but then they go str8 to a gun & that just sets ppl off & it must cause some brain receptors to make people just not listen and just freak out or sum cuz I know dude didn’t wanna die and he DIDNT EVEN HAVE A GUN. What a pussy ass cop. Should’ve let go of the car and presued him with his car. He would’ve caught up. What a bitch

  12. The funny thing is the black guy did nothing and yes he had guns but in the trunk he could keep it in there for safety and when the cop pulled the gun on him he probably panic and he probably have a disorder I would panic to if someone had a gun in my face to

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