Bodycam Show Seattle Police K9 Take Down Robbery Suspect

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **
Today, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) released video of a canine team taking a robbery suspect into custody. This video was released to a media outlet in fulfillment of a public disclosure request, and due to public interest in police accountability, and also releasing the video publicly, as well as a clip edited for length. Although Chief Carmen Best found the actions of the canine team consistent with 2018 department training, Chief Best also believed the deployment was not consistent with SPD’s Use of Force policy nor the values of our department. In late 2018, Chief Best ordered a thorough review of how SPD uses canines.

The department worked with the Office of Police Accountability, the court monitor, and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), as well as two independent canine training experts to develop meaningful policy recommendations. These recommendations led to a new policy, approved by federal court monitor, the Department of Justice, and ultimately the federal court. SPD included this update as part of its July filing. Separately, the OIG is currently auditing SPD K9 operations.

The video of the July 20, 2018, arrest, which took place in South Seattle, shows Officer Ryan Huteson approaching the 16-year-old suspect, who had both hands raised with open palms. Huteson directed the dog to “take him.” As he waited for other officers to arrive, Huteson let the dog bite the suspect’s arm and shake its head for about 30 seconds after taking the suspect to the ground.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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50 thoughts on “Bodycam Show Seattle Police K9 Take Down Robbery Suspect

  1. You and I broke Gods law. Jesus Paid the price on the cross. He was crucified buried and rose 3 days later. Repent of your sins and trust in him and you will be saved. Hell is real please don’t go there.

  2. I'm not anti-police and this may have been selectively edited, but I did not see the cop warn the perp to stop before he let the dog loose on him and even after the perp surrendered, the cop let the dog continue to bite and pull. I could almost see the deranged look on the k9 officers face as he watched – almost like he was loving every single second of the violence and pain he was living through his partner. I don't think this was a policy problem, I think this was a deranged human problem.

  3. What i dont like and I support cops is some these cops take shot personal and if you have job like this or judge you do not get that luxury of feelings. You have to stay professional. When the person complies they see their in horrible pain you get the person in custody. How the hell you want a person not to hit or tell them to do something when their human reaction to pain is defend them self

  4. Clearly the cop just wanted to let his dog chew on the guy, get a plastic badge and you can assault whoever you want

  5. I hate the description.

    At the time, the suspect is running, he deploys his canine unit without the leash knowing that the perp is young and is gonna make a run for it.
    Now I see the perp has his hands up and etc, then he gets the dog to take him down.

    I see nothing wrong with this.

    But i can see how the Chief, to save face, has to make policies to improve it. Because the officer let the dog on a surrendering suspect.

  6. I love how they scream I felt that pain though he wasn't wearing a shirt so oooouuuuch
    And I felt that he said my partner got em I was so pleased to hear that it made my day

  7. 99% of the k-9 videos ive been binge watching show the suspect turning into a complete BITCH when the bite comes! love it!

  8. Some germans here that heard the command "Bleib" ? it´s german and means something like rest or stay on the spot. Proud of our dogs !!

  9. I love how the officer goes from “Take him!” to baby talk with his dog in about 30 seconds. Being a K9 Officer must be awesome.

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