Bodycam Footage Of UNT Student Darius Tarver’s Shooting in Denton, Texas

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Denton, Texas — The Denton Police Department released body camera footage from the Jan. 21 officer-involved shooting that claimed the life of University of North Texas student Darius Tarver. At approximately 2:58 a.m., officers were dispatched to the 200 block of Inman St. in reference to a disturbance. Multiple 911 callers reported there was a man banging on numerous doors and yelling for someone to open the door. The callers further stated that the suspect had a frying pan in his hand, and that he was shattering all of the light fixtures in the hallway.

As officers arrived on scene, they attempted to locate the suspect. While officers were standing at the base of the main staircase, another officer was obtaining information from a caller. It was during this time that the suspect emerged from an apartment and immediately began advancing down the stairs toward the officers. Officers observed that the suspect had a cleaver and a frying pan in his hands, and gave him multiple loud verbal commands to drop the weapons. The suspect continued to advance on officers, at which time an officer deployed his Taser. The Taser struck the suspect, who fell, but immediately got up and began advancing toward the officers again.

An officer discharged his weapon and struck the suspect, who fell to the ground. Officers on scene immediately began life saving measures, and called for Denton Fire/Rescue. It was during this time, that another officer was found to have been stabbed by the suspect. The suspect and the injured officer were transported to a local hospital, where the suspect was pronounced deceased and the injured officer was admitted in stable condition. The officer’s injuries are non-life threatening. The injured officer is new to Denton but has over ten years of previous law enforcement experience, and the officer who discharged his weapon has six years of service with the Denton Police Department. All four officers have returned to regular duty with the department.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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32 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage Of UNT Student Darius Tarver’s Shooting in Denton, Texas

  1. Thank you DPD for using deadly force as a last resort. Taser deployed, didn't work, took a non-lethal shot, didn't work, tazed again, didn't work, then it went lethal with only 2 more shots.
    Some places don't even care to taze first, and when they shoot, it's shoot to kill, unloading a bunch of rounds to the head and chest.

  2. Just started the video. Judging by the name of the suspect, it looks like I’m about to watch yet ANOTHER one of those “people who annoy you” get what they deserve. Now let’s watch 😏 😂 🤣

  3. Coming here to tell you all hell is real, you don’t want to spend eternity there. Please consider accepting Jesus in your heart today. Repent of sins and turn to him while you still have time! You see from these videos people die everyday they didn’t plan to die. Make sure you end up in heaven, not in eternal torment.

  4. Who tf told cops about "gloving up" before performing life saving measures. I've watched a dozen videos where officers stand around for critical seconds and minutes waiting to 'glove up'. As a medical professional, the ONLY right thing they did was call for medical help first. Pretty shitty life saving measures, across the board by police.

  5. 3 cops vs pan.

    They had to resort to gun fire. Lol? Is there any bravery left? Literally anyone can do this work. Scream at people and kill them whenever they dont obey. What do they teach in police academy?

  6. Not sure what else you’re supposed to do. Taser not working. Shooting him once didn’t work either.

  7. Defensive Counsel used the "It's not a damn pan; it's a freaking skillet!" Defense, and the whole case was thrown right out of court. Know Your Cooking Utensils, People! – j q t –

  8. If execution is the only treatment we have for mental health/drug crisis management, then we have failed as a society.

  9. This video could show him beating puppy and new born babys with a baseball bat and the family will still bitch saying he was a perfect angel

  10. This is a video of a man that was demonically possessed. He was seeking the face of The Lord but somehow got dominated by a demon in the process of seeking an abiding relationship with Christ. Looks like he may have taken PCP, which would most likely would have been sprinkled on a marijuana joint as is common. Kids, dont play with drugs. They are satans bait. The devil will destroy you and he uses drugs to reel you in.

  11. He just committed suicide by cop, ain’t no heavenly anything for this guy anytime soon

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