Arrest of Rapper Kodak Black

In 2019, Bill Kahan Kapri, better known as the rapper Kodak Black, was sentenced to 46 months in prison for knowingly making false statements on federal forms to acquire a firearm from a federal firearms dealer. In January 2021, on his last day in office, former President Donald Trump granted Kodak Black clemency, releasing him from prison and praising his charitable giving.

On July 15, 2022, the rapper, driving a purple Dodge Durango, was stopped by the Florida Highway Patrol for having an expired registration tag and windows that “appeared darker than the legal limit.” According to Kapri’s arrest report, police found a small clear bag that contained 31 tablets of oxycodone, and $74,960 in cash. The rapper was arrested on suspicion of drug possession and trafficking, however on July 16, 2022, the rapper posted a $75,000 bond and was released.

On November 16, 2022, the State Attorney for the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida filed a motion to revoke Kapri’s bond, on the basis that the rapper had violated his conditions of release by driving with a revoked license.

This footage is from the Florida Highway Patrol traffic stop of Kodak Black, on July 15, 2022.


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00:00 Intro
01:28 Traffic stop
02:15 “If I can’t weigh it, you’re not getting charged”
05:16 The arrest
06:38 “I got a show tomorrow!”
07:07 Up close and personal
11:48 “I just want to be in cahoots with you”
14:25 “Y’all received a call to stop me?”
16:49 Kodak’s mom shows up
32:07 “I ain’t trying to touch your gun”
54:30 “You’re a target”
01:00:58 Homeless guy asks to shake Kodak Black’s hand ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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45 thoughts on “Arrest of Rapper Kodak Black

  1. 24:12 Why he acting like that.. cking stupid & mom comes up says GUN infront of a cop why you think they still looking..? Then ur gonna act up Why they still searching.. LMAO dumb From what i seeing you got cking LUCKY!!!!!!

  2. Again damn bro go to a program brother u need it. Wake up we luv u it’s not easy but u can make it we hve. This is a cycle brother. U will cont to get arrested. This charge will eventually get higher bcuz u will hve a few arrest for the same shit. Common sence. U iegther do a year bck in jail
    Bck stressing with problems loosing money over what. A drug prob. Look I had a opioid prob for like 30 years 3 state bids 30 arrest. Fineally at 36 woke up. It’s not easy but rem this ppl places nd things. U need to Kp away of it find a substitute. Me I learn bcuz of 3. Felonies. One more life in jail. So
    U c. Luckily two drugs one violent saved me Salute 2 u. Plz wake up brother u can make it. Nd ur life will b btr life wen u first started. God bless I took out time to write this. Real Tlk. Ur fam love u. Always rem that drugs put u in this situ.

  3. I had to look up who this kid is because his mom was acting like he was a minor. The dude is 25!!!
    Words of advice… don't drive with an expired tag. Don't tint windows darker than the legal limits. Those are two things you'll get nabbed on. Also, if you have a script for controlled substances, keep them at home or in the original packaging. If you don't want the bottle to make noise, put a napkin inside.
    He was lucky they didn't handcuff him while he was detained and allowed his mother to hug him and brother talk to him.

  4. I'm seeing a lot of "Karen" calling, but a lot of young men are rude aggressive and want to be treated special 😤, so we need a male name for this behaviour, erm! CARL 😆😆😆😆

  5. Kodak is hilarious😂😂 he gotta chill, smoke weed at the house dawg, keep it off the road lol

  6. And people actually pay to listen to this moron, and fund his stupidity…. How many times does it take for this dipshit to get arrested for him to stay in prison?… Already a multiple felon at 25.

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