4 Year Old Girl Left Overnight in Vehicle by Police

A vehicle inventory when it is getting towed (for just about any reason) is absolutely standard in police work. Leaving a sleeping child in a vehicle overnight is not. Still, that’s exactly what appears to have happened in Milwaukee recently.  A woman was arrested for operating while intoxicated and a 10 month old taken from the vehicle before it was towed, but not the 4 year old sleeping in the back of the minivan. She was discovered crying in the vehicle in the tow yard about 8 hours later.

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25 thoughts on “4 Year Old Girl Left Overnight in Vehicle by Police

  1. The reason I'm bringing attention to this is because it was completely avoidable. Many situations are "unfortunate" because of any number of reasons. This is more than unfortunate..it was by all appearances (based on my experience in vehicle inventories) completely avoidable and they are lucky this girl did not suffer any physical consequences from being left in a vehicle with freezing temperatures.

  2. I’ll start by saying this was an absolute failure and disregard for the SOP’s is unacceptable regardless of inclement weather. I have a 4 year old son and I feel terrible for that kid, I cant imagine how terrified that child was spending all night alone in a car at 4 and possibly being strapped into a carseat screaming for help and sitting in his/her own piss and shit and hungry/thirsty.

    That being said, a tiny part of me feels like the child may have (arguably) been safer locked in a parked car overnight vs being a passenger in a multi-ton vehicle with intoxicated woman driver.

    Ok, ok, fine.

    We’ll just say intoxicated person.

    This whole situation makes my stomach turn and a lose/lose for everyone. Someone needs to find out who that kid is and get them happy meals for the next month or something. Or a new Mother for that matter.

  3. Police concluded that driver was in a state of inebriation . Upon arrest, the police are responsible of what happens to arrestee and vehicle, to include all things in the vehicle. Incompetence, dereliction of duty, and stupidity is what I see.

  4. Question. What would have happened if that drunk driver got home and forgot the kids were in the car (I bet it has happened), and an officer discovered them?
    The same thing should happen to the responsible officer(s). Police need to stop excusing behavior among their ranks that they would not excuse by civilians. Police should (must) be held to an equal if not higher standard in EVERYTHING.
    Yes, Mike I know you made a video, and called it out, but a statement that "you need to be more careful in your inventory" is not good enough. Equal representation under the law is the only acceptable response.

  5. Technically speaking the office committed child endangerment or child neglect…both of which are considered abuse.
    The moment the parent was arrested the kids were officially in the officers "custody" and became responsible.
    And while the parent being arrested was an utter asshat for driving while intoxicated the officer is not much better.
    Both committed serious crimes against the child(ren) and in my opinion both should be prosecuted for it.

  6. Mike, here's the thing you gotta get your head around. At this point, we as a society choose to employ relatively uneducated and often not very intelligient people as our public servants. Its just the facts.
    To think you can be hired as a public servant LEO with only a HS education, and then receive a mere six months of training to do such a harrowing and complex job is simply inexcusable. This doesn't surprise me at all that this happened. Horrific errors in all sorts of ways are perpetrated by LEOs constantly.
    What we as a society need to do is educate them more, and mean a lot more. Like Masters degree level, pay them more, and have fewer of them. Because the work is so damn difficult and requires so much life experience, sense of proportions, raw intelligence, perspective, etc.
    You're an exception Mike. And I think you know that.

  7. Mike, I am not trying to defend by ANY circumstances but look at it from this perspective. It is a horrible, terrible, incident that took place and at least the child was not seriously injured and will survive. Safety is everyone's business and in my mind, I say the parents take 60% of the blame on this one. They should have been SCREAMING UNTIL SOME LISTENS. (I know you do not have just any ole Tom and Jane coming in there spewing off at the mouth right? 🙂

    I pray procedures are put in place top stop this. You know how bad this could have been.

  8. Hearing that it was a minivan, the first thing that comes to mind is that the kid was in the back, covered up, and the officers, between making the arrest and figuring out what to do with a 10 month old, just did a cursory search, figured it was all a bunch of junk, and let it go.
    Not that that's an excuse, but with a, probably crying, 10 month old on your hands in cold weather, I can see how officers might get sidetracked.

    Between the arrest and the towing process, though, I don't see how the kid could sleep through all of that long enough to not be awake and making noise by the time they got to the impound lot.
    Did the driver maybe slip the kid some booze too, or something?

  9. Soooooooo Mike what is the possible punishments for the officer's involved in this case?

    Good old slap in the hands???

  10. Didn't the police search the vehicle for contraband? Isn't that SOP before sending a vehicle to impound? I mean they must have at least looked in the vehicle. They got one other child out. I can see missing a Crack pipe under a back seat or gun stashed in a hidden cubby but how the Shit Pickles do you miss an entire person? Even a small one?

  11. Time to bring on the lies and excuses! Hey, Mike, the "fact remains" that if the girl's parents had done this, they'd be answering charges. Right?

  12. My question is how did that kid not wake up while being towed? She must have been a really deep sleeper. Lucky girl.

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