LAPD Officer – You Film The Right Way

LAPD Officer – You Film The Right Way

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  1. It is funny to hear a cop try to tell Katman or I where to stand while recording. We record thousands of cops. Each of them has a different opinion about where they think we should be and for that reason the individual cop can keep his opinion. We stand where we think is appropriate and we have plenty of experience making those decisions. This cop didn't give a single relevant piece of information about where somebody stand and neither will I ever. I have been questioned by police attorneys and supervisors trying to pin me down to a single answer and there is no such thing. Each situation is unique and they might be dynamic changing from moment to moment. To understand consider each photographer will start telling police where they should stand during an incident…even before it happens hypothetically. Stupid. Photographers decide where they point their camera and where from. Cops decide the same with their guns and their mouths. Simple as that. If the cop wants to be a photog he should apply within the department. They have positions available. He would need some training to operate a camera is my guess. Thanks for commenting officer.

  2. This cop doesn’t come off as very bright…in fact, he seems rather dimwitted to me. Perhaps he should keep his stupid directives and/or advice and kindly go fuck himself.

  3. He thinks you're filming the right way, but he's trying to guilt you into backing away from crime scenes. Fuck him and the disingenuous horse he rode in on.

  4. There's a way simpler way that the officer could have made his point: "I appreciate that you want to record events and happenings like this and I really appreciate that you keep a professional distance from the scene and the people involved. Keep doing what you do! Have a good night and stay safe."

  5. Oh God, the more this officer is talking, clearly his message is he does not want anyone filming cops breaking the law. F off officer douche.

  6. Great video. Excellent interview. I understand why you named this video what you did, to get people's attention, so they would watch. But I really don't think it's very fitting. This guy is awesome and you're awesome so I think between what they do and what you do there's a fantastic balance that sometimes saves people's lives (from them).

  7. This cop is scared of citizen videographers. Gathering intel on how to tell you to obey. Fuck you pig. Film whomever and whatever the fuck you want. He acts like discretion by cop watchers doesnt exist. I can say onus and a number of others have been discreet as fuck. Fuck this oinkers intimidation tactics. Never comply with illegal orders. Go fuck yourself ortega.

  8. Does the ignorant pig know anything about the US Constitution and how it allows free press regardless of his uneducated views against it. But the point is , he wants privacy to act like a uncivilized thug and not have any consequences in court. Because as he said " a cop always wins." word against word. You need evidence and the camera doesn't lie.

  9. hahahah this LEO say's that Tony Vera is confrontational… what a line of BS, he has no idea who Tony is! Keep up the good work Kat Man

  10. Cop comes over all friendly like then lectures Katman on "teetering" on privacy. Then talks about the "grey" area of the law. Statist PIG showing his true colors.

  11. Can you please do a video on how you have your scanner setup or like a demonstration of how you go about responding to a call, please don't say to use the cell phone apps because they suck!

  12. I'm just happy and relieved you're under his good graces! now,…this so called "doin' it the right way", (I'm trying t get this straight) now does that mean it works both ways? or…

  13. He wanted to be nice but his ego got the better of him! Eventually the ego will have full control and he will be nasty from the get go!

  14. School that officer that twelve feet is also acceptable distance.
    And this cop's bullshit about teetering on people's personal privacy ain't going to fly.
    Cop talks too much and needs to keep his piehole shut.

  15. EDITED Sorry disregard the quoted news article. See NeverTalkToCops1 's comment which follows mine.

    In a free speech ruling that contradicts six other federal circuit courts, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a district court ruling that says Americans do not have a first amendment right to videotape the police, or any public official, in public."

    " Judge Nanette Laughrey ruled that Akins, and by extension, any citizen or the press, has no right to record the activities of public officials"

    "Wyse has filed a motion for the Eighth Circuit Court to reconsider its ruling. If it refuses, Wyse said he will petition the U.S. Supreme Court to hear an appeal the ruling this fall."

    Go to ABC17NEWS to continue reading.

  16. Stop breaching my peace and treasoning your oath….HAVE a nice day sworn servant and the supreme court has stated 12 ft is fine for filming and filming cannot be interfering …Have a nice day sworn servant…..
    Fucker just baited you and kept you from filming …..
    Don't require advice from you sworn servant…..HAVE a nice day…
    I will not comply with unlawful treasonous orders…Already have one of you felon traitors paying me…..

  17. That cop is a stinkin' liar. The overwhelming majority of people that film the police from closer distances don't interfere with the police, they simply stand there and film, and it's actually the police that do the interfering because they make a scene about the filmers filming. If the cops would just shut their mouths and conduct their business and leave the filmers alone, there would be no problems.

    The cop also lied about being concerned about the privacy of people that are being investigated. As demonstrated by the thuggish and sometimes murderous way that they treat citizens, cops could care less about about the privacy of citizens, and when they give their spiel to filmers about citizen privacy, what they're really trying to do get filmers to stop filming the scene so that if the cops engage in any wrongdoing it won't be recorded.

    If I was filming and that cop came up to me and started giving me his line of BS, I would have told him to take his garbage somewhere else.

  18. 4:19 "We work in the grey area of the law" Ahh that intermediate area between two mutually exclusive states or categories, where the border between the two is fuzzy… Where exists a grey area between legal and illegal. Where he can do whatever he wants. He is basically saying he doesn't care if he follows or enforces the law correctly because "We work in the grey area of the law" fn bullshit

  19. Seems like he was trying to give a compliment. Too bad he turned into an ass after the first minute.

  20. sneaky cop-man Ortega here is practicing ' programmed propaganda reinforcement ', something that maybe he dreamed up, or perhaps his Sarge is pushing. Make like buddy-buddy, but then use the video reporters medium to send a message ' YOU MUST COMPLY – WE ARE YOUR MASTERS'. …..At all times, Please remind him if he or others around him do not like video reporting, in public, 24/7, you will get them all a crying-towel and never back down, never give up. Film them all. Blur a face if YOU want to.

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