LAPD in San Pedro – Harbor Division

LAPD in San Pedro – Harbor Division

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46 thoughts on “LAPD in San Pedro – Harbor Division

  1. Although this cop seemed a little weird and too focused on me, all of the cops there did a great job in allowing me my constitutional right to free press. I dont mind weird cops. As long as they honor my constitutional rights and dont interfere or obstruct my right to free press.

  2. I'm headed to that liquor store right now. Gonna tell my boys I saw them on YOUTUBE. We have about 300 of these people living on the streets just like this lady by the way. If they really want to investigate, they will find out that more affluential neighborhoods are paying to ship their homeless to San Pedro, then those same affluential citizens complain about protecting the homeless. It's a joke.

  3. Maybe you should tell him you’re straight you’re not interested in a relationship with him?? Stay safe

  4. So, how does a man that short end up getting a job as a cop? He seems more suited to be the mayor of Munchkinland that little annoying twerp.

  5. dude, stay out of this town with your anti police B.S. this town has enough problems without some clown with a camera coming into town disrupting things even more.i think the police are doing a great job handing all these drug addicts and nut jobs in this town, we dont need you with, obvioulsy a chip on his shoulder bothering the police…

  6. Its pretty obvious the officer hates your guts bro!! He couldn't resist and had to say something to ya! Just my opinion that they dislike you a tad bit lol..

  7. Why are the cops there in the first place? Wasn't the whole "defund the police and re-direct funds movement" about unarmed social worker/response teams he doing things like this? I would have much preferred to watch the "Constitutional Auditors" make sure they are going their job and filing the public in on what there job?

    I guess everybody has to try and get likes and subscribers to make a buck.

  8. Cop was pissed because he had planned something nefarious, I can just imagine him grinning and drooling as to what he was about to do 👹

  9. 1:05 in and that POS comes driving in like he’s dirty, opens his POS mouth and confirms it. I’m so glad you know how to handle yourself Katman. Shows the difference between being human and being a POS ‘peace’ officer. Now I’m going to watch the rest of this video and see how they treat her. Let’s see how this goes….

  10. This is classic "copaganda". If you don't buy the clothes your audience is supposed to think you're a bad person, then he offers you water to make people believe he's a good person.

  11. American cops seem a little too excited and eager to arrest the mentally ill. Surely just arresting people with mental health problems without them receiving mental health treatment isnt going to fix the problem. I'm European though so maybe I'm wrong.

  12. Here's the Deal: You just provided that officer, the precinct, the police department and the city with a valuable and critically needed service!
    Retraining officers, whether on duty or off, in their sworn duty to uphold, protect and defend The Constitution of the United States and Your Civil Rights.
    You may charge an initial contact fee of $500.00 and, for every minute thereafter, you charge no less than $75.00. And, if there is ANY Physical contact upon your body or personal belongings, you charge an additional fee of no less than $7,500.00 per occurrence and each individual touch, plus any and all medical bills, lawyer fees, court costs and damages.
    Lawyers and other first responder trainers charge similar fees, You Can charge them according to the particular officer's level of ignorance and, their specific errant behavior.
    Due and Payable Immediately!
    Print this off, carry several copies with you and, as soon as any LEO approaches and addresses you in any way, hand them one.
    They are responsible to know, understand and exhibit at all times these Constitutionally guaranteed rights and, at all times, whether on duty or off, represent their departments and municipalities in a courteous and professional manner. This is always part of their oath of office in any police department.
    Of course, record as you already do straight to the web and cloud and, charge them and their departments for copies thereof. You own all aspects of Your Intellectual Property.
    Oh trust me, you can do this and they will Have to pay, because this is so much cheaper than the resulting law suits, lawyer fees and settlements.
    Merry Christmas First Amendment Auditors!

  13. Open containers and alcohol are legal in Texas. If it’s legal to sell it should be legal to drink any where.

  14. Cop sees camera immediately goes into smart ass mode. Cameraman replies ok you need help what do you need since you can't do your job. They weren't expecting an ok from him

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