LAPD Checkpoint on Fig – 2017

LAPD Checkpoint on Fig – 2017

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39 thoughts on “LAPD Checkpoint on Fig – 2017

  1. Sergeant Aufdemberg must have German ancestors. His name are three words "auf dem Berg" which are meaning "on the mountain".

  2. Are these checkpoints an everyday occurrence there? The police here only do DUI checkpoints two or three times a year and they alert the media and public ahead of time. Usually just on the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve…

  3. The cops had an alternative motive for letting you in… they are too corrupt to all of a sudden want you to see what they’re up to. They should get an academy award for best public servant

  4. I just wonder if the corona bucket next to the printer was empty or full with coronas or single shuts for the officer 🙂

  5. Was this recorded recently? Or is this from your archives?

    I as because over a year ago, you posted a video with this sergeant and you mentioned that you had more to show.

  6. That was cool he let you film you were all up in that trailer lol that was bad ass & at (2:12) Officer Hawkins looks thrilled to see you there getting VIP lol be safe KATMAN

  7. Do you support local LE not working with Federal when it comes to immigration?

    I'm sorry, they're here illegally. A Federal Agent and a California Agent (police officer / agent of the state), both took an oath to the COTUS, the people, to uphold the laws enacted by the people. Immigration law is from the people? If Law Enforcement, including immigration enforcement work for the people, enforcing the people's laws, and protecting the USA. They should talk, work together as much as SCOTUS has allowed. But Local cops allowing invaders, which are now basically a Mexican Militia invading the USA that enjoy welfare with no incentive to get off.

    If people want to come to the USA and become Americans, do it the legal way and actually become Americans and not "Mexican" over American. Questioned the La Raza movement that lynched 5 people out of their 'Mexican only park', I asked You two American Citizens? 1 Yes, 1 No, if a civil war broke out today, Mexico said they're fighting the USA, you as an American Citizen and you as an Illegal, what side would you fight for? MEXICO, VIVA LA MEXICO they both said.

    Yeah, San Diego Police is pseudo-testing down here. None of it's valid in court. Haven't hear of positives.

  8. Another great checkpoint audit. Thanks Katman. Field Sobriety Tests are VOLUNTARY, always refuse them. As for "mouth swabs" to check for marijuana, get a warrant, supported by probable cause and guess what, if you refuse Field Sobriety Tests, how can the officer establish probable cause?

  9. So nice to see the police finally recognize you as legit press and give you access. I've been watching your videos for a long time and it seems to me that all you are doing is holding the police accountable for the laws they swore to protect. If they have nothing to hide and do the jobs their supposed too, then I support them and it appears you do too.

  10. Holy shit hey all want to win the cool cop contest! I think you may have solved the entire problem of being arrested for filming the police! I'm amazed literally dude something has turned them 180 from their old ways.

  11. I f i am not mistaken the male officer that told you to stay back he would appear like tell you quite often as he is on other videos you have bone great video katman thanks for sharing take care keep safe Hey mate how come this Sargent made the other officer look bad lol this should have taken place in the first place freedom of press when you see person just walking passed and you get told to keep back lol

  12. Ya they have 2 of the marijuana test kits down here. I haven't heard much about them tho except for their debut. That was pretty cool they let you in there man. Surprised.

  13. I would only provide what is required by law and that is breath and if they want blood they will need a warrant.. Never ever preform the FSTs. Good video and very informative as always…

  14. If California wants to ignore immigration laws then they should accept the burden of providing for these ILLEGAL immigrants. Please don't ask for my tax dollars to support them.

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