We Aren’t Arresting You, We’re Just Taking You To Jail – Torrance County Sheriff David Frazee

Full interview with Estancia News Here!

Torrance County Sheriff https://g.co/kgs/LqqzoH
Deputy Ballard
Deputy Whitson
Sheriff Frazee

Sheriff David Frazee

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47 thoughts on “We Aren’t Arresting You, We’re Just Taking You To Jail – Torrance County Sheriff David Frazee

  1. Cowards act the way they act. Cowards say the things they say. The Eyeball Test is the realization that NOBODY IS ON YOUR SIDE! LEARN TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. FREEMAN WILL NOT ALWAYS BE THERE! STOP BEING A BITXH AZZ!

  2. Imagine an occupation outside of government where somebody can blatantly lie through their teeth with almost no repercussions or accountability.
    I can't think of a single one.

    And to think…
    He would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for James and his glorious beard.😆

    Thank you, James!😁

  3. He too old to be a sheriff if he can’t remember his lies when it’s clearly on camera, community should be concerned for his mental abilities

  4. Wow! That old ass lunatic even admitted to James on camera yesterday during the live feed in that intense interaction with the guy. Like there is something seriously mentally wrong with these people.

  5. Why on earth would you lie when you know there’ll be CCTV, bodycam and a document trail to prove you wrong, it beggars belief.

  6. I'm starting a security company with a retained lawyer to protect auditors from police. With a lawyer present explaining what the cops are doing wrong, when the security deal with them, we are covered.just need to hit the lotto to pay the lawyer 🤣

  7. This is what America gets with elected sheriffs. They do not get elected for qualifications or morals.

  8. They just didn't want her there! So they removed her. That's what happens when your the law. Internal terrorists the ones who ignore the constitution are in control.

  9. Well I'm sure, not to your surprise, that I am not shocked, that he's a piece of s*** liar.💩💩💩💩

  10. James you might want to pin these messages or try to get in touch with me. I have the goods you need regarding Frazee.

    David Frazee 72 was arrested and charged with Racketeering and Perjury in back 1983 & 1984.

    The jury acquitted him on the perjury charge in '83 but he plead guilty to two of the racketeering charges in '84. Like, I previously mentioned all politicians have skeletons in their closet. The kangaroo courts and the police both want to hold people accountable for things they had done 30, 40, or even 50 years ago and want to leave that hanging over there heads even after time served. So 39 years isn't that far back and you know people only get caught doing something wrong on average 10% of the time. So how much other shit has he done over the last 30 years that he hasn't been caught doing or things he had done prior to getting caught? Probably a lot. Also my understanding is once you are a convicted felon(because reacketeerng isn't a misdemeanor by any stretch of the imagination) you lose the right to to run and hold an elected and trusted position unless you get your rights restored and be 100% pardoned by the governor. Here is the code: NM Stat § 31-13-1 (2019)

    David Frazee had 6 charges 4 for racketeering and 2 for perjury the jury acquitted him on the perjury charges and the prosecutor dropped 2 of the racketeering charges but he pled guilty to the other 2. It looks like they consolidated the cases to make it easier to prosecute and then hammered out a plea deal. I would do a public records request to the Albuquerque district courts as an elected public official those should be open to the public and get those files and get a hold of the state police to have him removed immediately he shouldn't be in a trusted office as a convicted felon. How he was able to get on the ballot is beyond me unless they never did a background check or he was able to provide them with a pardon from the governor. If he supplied a pardon from the governor than this rabbit hole suddenly got deeper than either of us expected. Not sure how far you're prepared to go if it does go deeper. Anyhow happy hunting, brother, enjoy!


    Racketeering Prohibited Activities 30-42-4(A)

    Case#: D-202-CR-8337275 Albuquerque District, NM

    Outcome: Plead Guilty / Nolo Contendere 7/30/1984 & 7/17/1984; Nolle Prosequi on the 12/07/1984 charges.


    Perjury 30-25-1

    Case #: D-202-CR-8337275 Albuquerque District, NM

    Outcome: Jury Acquitted 12/16/1983

    Let me know if there s anything else you need some assistance with. God bless you and yours, I'm out, Peace!

  11. Send this to every defense attorney around. Every time a deputy gets on the stand, their credibility can be questioned

  12. Does he really think everyone is that stupid? I doubt it. He just doesn't give a $h!t what common citizens think. In his mind, we're his subjects

  13. A true politician, we Australians watched when he laughter in your face when he was called out for lying to the public so he would get elected. This is what he will be remember for here, being someone who can never be trusted.

  14. The judge, the sheriff and the one idiot that put hands on her and made her leave the court all need to get sued and charged and lose their jobs asap !Complete retards!

  15. Cops are completely incapable of telling the truth about anything. They are trained and paid to lie. Never trust a cop or believe a word out of their mouths.

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