The video his kid is talking about:

Yes, I ‘blur’ out the kids face because it’s not his fault his dad came home bitching about me within hearing distance….or he may have said his opinion directly to his son, but either way- I’m not about exploiting kids. The point is – this is the voice of a young impressionable mind- his father – a police officer VERY CLEARLY does not respect my right to record nor does he appreciate the fact that he is paid by my (and your) tax dollars. I could go on and on with how I feel about this, but I am more interested in how this makes you feel…..
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  1. Officer Grimes….I blurred your kids face- because like I told your watch commander when I called Harbor Division to let them know about this video- I'm not mad about the video, but your son doesn't deserve what would have happened if his video stayed up- people are cruel in the comments- and the fault is not in the child, it is in his mentor, who said these same things he is saying 'to me'….I'm not going to tell you how to parent, nor would I tell a child his parent is wrong….however you may feel, the next time I see you, I hope you are more willing to talk….

  2. You could get hurt… But thankfully you have the freedom to make that decision for yourself. And no, they cannot help you. I cannot think of a scenario in which a cop would even be allowed to help you, unless it's to give u a ride when your car breaks down or something. And even then it's not without first giving up your 4th amendment right for "officer safety".. but that's about it. This kid will learn a little more about our country's history and our rights and the importance of jobs like the press throughout history… Kid has a long way to go to realize how essentially worthless his dad's job really is.

  3. U should wait a few years b4 u try telling adults wats rite and wrong. U think u know it all at ur age, u know everything about nothing

  4. In high school the worst of the thugs and dopers were ALWAYS kids of cops. Well, their mothers told them the guy was the father.

  5. I feel sorry for that kid I really do because he is so clueless and the person that he has who was supposed to show him right from wrong doesn't even know himself or maybe he does and just doesn't give a fuck hopefully when that kid is old enough to figure out what is really going on he can look in his father's eyes and say dad you been lying to me my whole life

  6. I hope his kid doesn't become a cop, he's already building a hatred towards cop watchers and innocent people will suffer because of his father's actions.

  7. Its 1 thing being a cop but leave that at home ffs, your kids don't need to drag your kids down with you, laura keep up the awesome work

  8. Officer Grimes… Best thing I can say about your family….. The things that would be said, your bitch ass would take as a threat. So I'm thinking about how your family would be………. Then thinking about what should happen to your family because you put people in jail over a false report….. Hmmm……. Wishing you everything you so richly deserve…. BTW I'm not anti cop… Just ABHOR BAD COPS !!! Have a great day you WORTHLESS MONGREL

  9. Shut up child. The next generation of IGNORANT, UNINFORMED , APATHETIC, OBTUSE children that will one day have a say… But until then go to school. Clean up your room. Do as your told. When you are 18 and have a say so then we adults will ask for your uneducated opinion. Uneducated is because your father is feeding you lies. That's what your dad is… A LIAR !!

  10. This is a great example of why there are multiple generations of cops from the same families. Their kids believe what they are told and grow up aspiring to be like daddy. They live their entire lives in a deep state of Orwellian denial. War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength. The truth is whatever we declare it to be.

    They sincerely believe this with all the fervor of a suicide bomber. You cannot change their minds. They are brought up believing that people who disagree with them are "bad people" who must be put down and kept down for the good of society. Despite racking up an enormous list of Constitutional violations, cops somehow still truly believe that they are "Real American Heroes". If that's not a false truth, I can't wait for Santa to land on my roof with eight tiny reindeer and squeeze his big fat cookie-eatin' ass down my chimney.

    'Sure son, it's on video, but the video is fake. It's been edited to leave out the real truth. Daddy really isn't an ignorant traitorous asshole son, he's one of the good guys. People who say otherwise are the bad guys. Bad guys don't deserve rights and daddy's job is to make sure they don't have any'.

    Joseph Goebbels said if you repeat a lie long enough, it becomes the truth, but when you live your life inside the lie, it IS the truth.

  11. That shows how much control he has of his own child.. That video never should have made it online. That is a perfect example of why you need to keep recording the police. The kids in this generation are led to believe they have no rights and you do as your told when someone with a badge spits out orders. He has completely brainwashed his son into believing you were doing something wrong and allowed him to post a video online to cause the poor kid to be belittled or verbally abused online. That poor kid has no clue. Only what his father the "HERO" has to say. Of course he is going to defend his dad and look up to him like a hero. He will want to be a cop just like his daddy too. But without teaching him people have rights he will grow up to step on people just like his daddy does and the rest of the thin blue line gang.

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