PUBLIC SERVANT SNEAKS & SNITCHES GET WRECKED !! CDA IDAHO – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

PUBLIC SERVANT SNEAKS & SNITCHES GET WRECKED !! CDA IDAHO – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press


U.S. Constitution NOT void where prohibited by law !!

We believe that many of our rights and civil liberties as American citizens on American soil are at great risk and that a simple act of civil disobedience has the power to effect great change. While we have no interest or intention in breaking any law, we are willing to stand up for freedom and the constitution at any time and at any place and do so in a responsible and productive manner. It is our goal to create free and open discussion whenever possible in an effort to educate both ourselves and anyone with a desire to learn. A well known rule of government is that ignorance is no excuse for the law. It is our stand that we as Americans have been either uninformed or misinformed regarding our laws and rights for far too long. We are not attorneys or scholars, however we have been involved in professional photography for over 30 years and have had our rights and freedoms challenged more times than we can remember. No one group or person has the ability to effect change across the board, however we are committed to doing our part by continuing to stand up for our constitutional right to free press and the right to take photographs and video in public. All donations will be used exclusively to further this cause. We want to thank you in advance for your support of what we do and want you to know that we are committed to working harder than ever to defend our rights, your rights and the Freedom to Film in Public!!
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39 thoughts on “PUBLIC SERVANT SNEAKS & SNITCHES GET WRECKED !! CDA IDAHO – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

  1. I try to picture myself grocery shopping and going up to people and asking them what are you doing here? What are you buying? Can I see your ID? It's the same thing.

  2. Why are people
    Saying the guard seems like a good guy I thought that too but he’s shady as hell and he was quick to call them
    Dicks and act suspect, he also lied to them like two or three times by withholding information about boss calling or police coming. That being f said I’m o my
    Halfway through so if I change my opinion at the end I’ll reply if not I won’t

  3. Jason, do you want to accept a bet for $2,500 that you will be arrested by the end of the year if you audit twice a week until 1/1/2022?

    It’s a dumb bet for me because you can control the bet but I would still make it.

  4. Cops did come this time? Doing nothing wrong? Well, I guess that email that I sent to the mayor must have really straightened things out with the police.
    You’re welcome….lol

  5. Pardon my curiosity. I just don't understand why you Jason, can't simply tell everyone that inquires or is curious about why you are out there…. to say " We are here to see if they honor and respect your right and our right to take video and photographs in public from publicly accessible areas of public places?" If they have a problem with that and then choose to contact the police and Sheriffs or Marshalls, then you could continue to do what you do without seeming like a rude person. I don't see what is wrong with telling people from the start what you are doing? I'm a bit baffled.

  6. Him: You're being argumentative

    You: (arguing) that's very subjective

    Him: that's….. (walks away from arguing) I gotta say his ego was pretty in check here. He low key won that battle.

  7. The fact is with or without cameras. Having people give personal information in a public setting. Is a Hippa violation. Anyone can overhear that information and use it. Privacy is created. God bless

  8. Wonderful information. As u can see growing up the schools dont teach any of the amendment or bill of rights. Cops and public service people dont know or ask about anything there supost to uphold. More need to do audits on other rights. Come to washington and oregon. I live near ellensburg. There alot people just dont care about anymore. Common cense is the bigest one.

  9. It's idiotic. The security guard was being argumentative, and blamed the other person who didn't agree with him as being argumentative. Just do your jobs public officials. It is not difficult. "This lobby is recorded by CC Camera". there you have it, they know it's a public lobby.

  10. Security dude Aaron is obviously a nice guy BUT he needs to grow a pair! Maybe after such a cordial conversation with A.P. (nothing nefarious😉) he will do so!

  11. Aaron seemed liked a good dude, until he got put between a rock and a hard place. He seemed to agree and understand what u we’re doing, then his boss called.

  12. Just by the law of averages you are going to find some of the dumbest security guards in the USA the longer you do this. Please keep doing this because soon you will have an incredible montage of inbred security guards trying to think and produce cogent words but failing .

  13. Is it possible the Coeur d'Alene PD learned from the liqueur store fiasco? I don't know what order you recorded these. 360 comments so far on the Coeur d'Alene police department Facebook, all highly critical of the tyrannical police response.

  14. This is exactly why we need to expose the ignorant in authority of power using others like Aaron to do their dirty job… these ignorant public coward should never be in charge or work in public facilities … hope Aaron learned from this experience that exercising your constitutional rights, might take some of your corporate

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