More CPS Abuse, With Help From Saint Luke’s Health Idaho, Meridian Police and More

Join peoples rights and start standing with your neighbors
Ammon Bundy on YouTube

The most well documented CPS abuse case I’ve seen here
Freedom Man on YouTube

The baby Cyrus story told by adoptions simplified

Garth Gaylord on YouTube
contains videos of the protests, body cam of Ammon Bundy being served for the hundredth or so time, speeches from Ammon Bundy, and much more.

If you want those who participated in this to know how you feel about it, here’s some information to reach out.
Holland and Hart
800 West Main suite 1750 Boise ID 83702
PO Box 2527

Ada County Courts
Judge Lynn Norton
200 West Front Street
Boise ID 83702

St. Luke’s Hospital Main Office
190 East Bannock st Boise ID 83712

Meridian Police Department
(208) 888-6678

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29 thoughts on “More CPS Abuse, With Help From Saint Luke’s Health Idaho, Meridian Police and More

  1. When a armed gunman tells you to hand over your child or they WILL commit violence upon you and arrest you and take you to jail…KILL them! Anytime armed people tell you their intentions to violate your rights and separate you from your child ABSOLUTELY KILL THEM in real time defense of your life(lives) liberties, and pursuits of happiness. Never let armed assailants harm you because they have guns and you don't. Be a responsible American and carry your 2A everywhere and everyday for exactly these moments when somebody else dictates your families worth and relationship among each other! Sort it all out later just as you would shoot the armed intruder that enters your home to steal your child. KILL those that come to take that which is not their's!

  2. This is exactly why I'm pro second amendment. Federal funded State initiated child trafficking. We will see another revolutionary war in this country. I wouldn't be surprised to see it in my lifetime. These so called medical professionals are taking our kids, and the Federal government is paying the state for it. Child trafficking no matter how you look at it.

  3. OH MY, How I LOVE you, and what you do, James! This is beyond egregious (in LAW, the term is used to describe a person INTENTIONALLY committing an act or omission that involves KNOWING the violation of LAW!) This behavior needs to be legislated OUT! Mandated reporters NEED to have some type of TRAINING and SPECIFIC guidelines of a CRIME, NOT simply a hunch or suspicion. It should be based on LAW, as in REASONABLE ARTICULABLE SUSPICION that a CRIME occurred! I ran a home daycare for 15 years. I was told I was a mandated reporter without ANY training as to what I should look for or report on.

  4. Every goverment employee involved should be fired an charged with kidnapping an conspiracy to commit kidnapping. This is goverment overreach.

  5. That is not kidnapping, that is exercising your duties as an agent of the government. If CPS requires something of you, you better comply.

  6. I am not a mother or a father.. Just a random guy from Denmark.. But the emotion I feel inside with the thought of having to give up your child, I mean I could kill that officer given the chance… I wouldn't even give up my cat…

    Isn't it traumatizing for a kid at that age being removed from its parents?

  7. Please take the time to read The Franklin Coverup, free online…there is a huge network of sick people involved in doing the most heinous things imaginable to children… they are local police, politicians, CEOs of major corporations, and everything in between…it goes to the highest offices in this land, and we the people, are the only ones that can stop it..

  8. COPS ARE ABSOLUTELY THE WORST MOST DANGEROUSLY IGNORANT PEOPLE IN OUR SOCIETY !! do the research people cops are truly bad people from top to bottom it’s trained into them and mainly it’s part of the culture by simply putting the uniform on ! ITS A BROKEN GANG OF UNCONTROLLABLE EGOS, FEELINGS ENFORCEMENT, AND TRULY CORRUPTED MEN AND WOMEN WITH BADGES . Never interact with them without witnesses (that are not other blue line gang members) or cameras 📷 running. These tyrant imperial like fools will and do ruin lives on a daily basis! DO NOT TRUST COPS THERE BAD ALWAYS!!! … WHILE THINKING THERE GOOD !? which is way more dangerous then an average criminal without the ego, gun, vest, and perceived authority! LAW ENFORCEMENT IS ABSOLUTELY BROKEN IN THE UNITED STATES 100% !!!!

  9. Coproaches aren't human, I don't give a fuck how genetically related I am to any coproach specimen. These lab rats aren't human

  10. Here's the deal Cops are next after politician's.These. pigs are another arm of the government.They are all guilty.

  11. And it looks like Worcester, MA does not have an awesome group of people like this!!!! These groups should excist everywhere!!!!!

  12. USSC has leveled the playing field…the ability to defend against unlawful arrest and use such force as necessary … and the right to arm up and use the 2nd amendment and un a lien able rights to life!!! START USING THEM

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