Deputy Retaliates For Filming! How Does She Have A Job?

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47 thoughts on “Deputy Retaliates For Filming! How Does She Have A Job?

  1. so, she's mad because he's recording, but if you notice she didn't bother the other guy on the sidewalk! anything they do that is 'UNLAWFULL' you can defend yourself, that was personal.

  2. Because of the corrupt injustice system & thin blue line…… ultimately our inept federal government allowing these actions….almost as if it was all planned that way from the very top ……

  3. 901 thing a cop can't just ask her to ask a name and then grab you, and I thought that would be a lot for this you're under arrest as they're grabbing you or maybe at least just prior to grabbing you for cough attachment? Maybe I've seen too many movies or TV shows, but it seems a very common practice at least by actors.

  4. 👀😳..,4.5.14. Turner v drive.. she can't just do that and this is the problem in society kidnapping assault

  5. What a rude douchebag frauditor. He is guilty of first degree douchebaggery. It is a shame that he has procreated and spread his douchebag genes into society

  6. I don't see him cross the line, literally. Didn't even walk down the side once they kindly made sure to double down on blocking that driveway where the man asked politely of his wife could park. What happened on that road that was so important to preserve?

  7. Pretty crappy job of putting up crime scene tape!
    As far as I'm concerned the crime scene is where the tape is and it looks like I could walk down the sidewalk according to the placement of crime scene tape.

  8. If another member of the public pulled that crap you can fight back but if a cop does it you can't. If you did they shoot you. Won't be long until they pass a law about recording the police. These unlawful arrests are cutting into their profits.

  9. People are missing something awesome here. There are hundreds of thousands of videos online showing cops do this over and over. In every city, and every state. You can 100% count on cops to violate your rights almost every time. They all parrot the exact same things when they talk, and criminalize everything you do, even if it's not a crime. Use that to your advantage. Everyone should go out and film the police. They will mess up, and you will get money. Don't worry about getting rid of their qualified immunity. It will never go away. Exploit this problem with the government and take some of your tax money back. I did, and its worth it.

  10. And these scumbag cops are still your heroes? People still wonder why police are being ambushed and killed. This is why. Law Enforcement requires serious police reform including overturning Terry v Ohio, the abolishment of Qualified Immunity, smashing police union power, setting up completely independent civilian oversight with the power to discipline, and strengthening the Brady list to stop cops from moving from one county to another and remove the ability for officers to retire to avoid discipline. Until this is achieved more good cops are going to be killed because of bad cops. Back the blue 'till this happens to you.

  11. Sorry to say, but its gotten to the point where I would have defended myself. She didn't say he was under arrest, nothing. Probably not the smart thing to do, but it's probably why I don't do audits. I would still film my personal interactions with any law enforcement.

  12. I can't understand why auditors don't all have telephoto lenses so they can make videos from 200 feet away which will really drive the cops insane

  13. Another felony, aggravated kidnapping because she had a gun. Too bad cops are almost never arrested for committing felonies.

  14. This Bitch has to be Fired right away has no Business being a Cop Homie has to sue her teach her stupid Ass a lesson 😤

  15. What is crazy, is that he actually stayed behind the yellow tape even though it was not even put up properly, sidewalk was open.
    The low standards Deputy even called him an "Auditor" so this was clear retaliation. Essentially an "auditor" is simply a citizen that films and is not afraid of police, auditors even express opinions to police……………
    But that should be the norm, nothing wrong with expressing opinions around or to police. We shouldn't have to fear police.
    I understand shortsighted people think expressing opinions is considered "harassment" but that would make free speech and opinions illegal.

  16. Smash down qualified immunity to provide equity back to the citizens of this country! How come these cops don’t have a clue? are they just stupid or are they just uneducated?This whole cop gang thing reminds us of the cops cowering in the hallway at Uvalde when 19 babies were slaughtered along with two teachers. These guys have the same mentality and are worried about cops safety(Top 25 MOST dangerous jobs in the USA: #5 is crossing guards and #25 are cops) more than public safety and at $100+ grand a year they should have higher priorities, pass psychological Testing and a moral compass!

  17. And this is why qualified immunity must be abolished to hold them accountable for actions this is just wrong stupidity at it’s finest

  18. 18 USC 242 Deprivation of rights under color of law.

    We just must just need to start asking cops, prosecutor, judges, one question.

    “How many militia will it require to “protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic” if you can’t to it?

  19. I don't agree with the retaliation and I support the first amendment and recognize it's importance in a free society.. but, it still feels kind of good to see dicks have consequences. That kind of selfish, self-centered, egotistical attitude is becoming so common in our society, with the rise of social media fed narcissism and the fall of consequences. I think it tears the fabric of our communities and leaves us vulnerable to outcomes as bad as having our rights violated.

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