Court Clerk Gets Super Wierd, Then Calls The Cops

Torrance County District Court

Socorro District Judges
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43 thoughts on “Court Clerk Gets Super Wierd, Then Calls The Cops

  1. Blunting the tip of the government sword, (police) is the quickest way to make obsolete, words on paper.. Love and and respect.

  2. You made a very good point, and that message needs to be echoed over and over to these law enforcement officers.
    These judges and politicians do not support them and they are being played as fool's and pawns that they will throw under the bus every chance they get.
    These Law Enforcement Officers need to understand that.
    They also need to understand they not only have the right they have the duty to disobey unlawful orders from these spineless politicians and judges.

  3. Absolutely correct, without cops, the worthless politicians and bureaucrats are just a bunch of 🐔💩 who won’t do anything but bitch and complain. It’s cops who’re responsible for the country falling apart, they need to stand down!

  4. SNAFU Government & Cops Earning the Hate… Again! Back the Blue and we will Violate your Rights too! We only protect & Serve our Paychecks & Pensions!

    The Cops & Government have a Pattern & Practice of Abusing Citizens & Civil Rights!

    Giving bullies a badge, a gun, and qualified immunity does not create heroes. It creates the run-away police corruption and violence problems we suffer from today.

    We don't need no stinking RAS or PC… we got shiny Badges & Great Lies!

    You can Beat the Charge… You Can't Beat the Ride. You May Live through the SWAT Raid… Your home will be Destroyed.

    Instead of "Defund the Police"… "Hold the Cops ACCOUNTABLE & Abolish Qualified Immunity (Institute for Justice) & Establish Mandatory Minimum Punishments for their Crimes!”

    The WAR on the pesky citizens continues! The Cops will find a Crime for every pesky Citizen! Back the Blue and get your crime too!

    Cop tells pesky citizen… Your Constitutional "Rights" & Life does NOT mean a Damn thing out on the Streets… Sue me … We have Qualified Immunity, we have copsplain & Lies, we control the narrative, we will investigate ourselves, the blue line of corruption & Police Union will protect us, and there is NO Accountability for anything I do… so fook you pesky citizens and your BS “rights”!

    BTW… the MSM will spew forth copaganda that we feed them.

    The Beatings Will Continue… Until Your Compliance Improves… the Government wants good Obedient Slaves! Privacy, Freedom, & Liberty is VERBOTEN! Pacification by Force!

    If I have to Follow the Law the Government has to Follow the US Constitution!

    Michael Malice – “There is no law so obscene that the police would not be willing to enforce it, up to and including the mass execution of innocent children.”

    There is NO such thing as Government Safety & Security. "Safety & Security" is a Nanny State phrase designed to justify whatever infringement of Rights or control the government wants to inflict on the pesky citizens.

    The Venn Diagram of "Privacy, Freedom, Liberty, Safety, Rights, Equal Justice, & Security" is a Big Single Circle around the Government and You ain't in it!

    Everything is Malum Prohibitum. Let’s Charge the pesky citizen with… Resisting, Obstruction, Interfering, Failure to ID, Disorderly Conduct, Breach of the Peace, Blocking the Sidewalk, JAYWalking, Failure to Follow Commands, Pedestrian in the Road, I smell something, Fighting Stance, Bladed Body, It is a Security Issue, you are Suspicious, I am Butt hurt, and/or Trespassing. We need to cover up our crime!

    Filming the Cops… When Exposing a Crime is Treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.

    Never ever, talk to the Cops! They are going to do anything they want. You can't talk your way out of Jail but anything you say will put you in Jail. The Cops will use Copsplain, Lies, & Threats to get you to talk!.

    Tell the cops you are invoking your 5th Amendment "Right" to remain silent and you want your Lawyer.

    Tell the cops you will NOT be talking to them without your lawyer present. Then… Shut up, Keep Shutting up, then Shut up some more!

    We are the Government Enforcers… We do any damn thing we want! LMAO… you think you have "Rights". We have Copaganda, Copsplain, The Blue Line, The Police Union, The Prosecutor, and the City that will all back anything we do! The Government has got our back not yours! We Protect & Serve Government not the pesky citizens!

    We just need more Government, more Training, more Money, more Spying, more Immunity, No Morals, No Integrity, & No Honor! Yea USA Police State!

    All pesky citizens will Bend Over and assume the position so the Benevolent Government can Govern You HARDER!

    When you are a Cop… You Swear to Testilie! You use your best Copsplain to send the pesky citizen to prison and destroy their life.!

  5. If we identify as antifarta, maybe we can be heard. antifarta can🔥things down. So, I identify as antifarta… 😂

  6. How can I contact James freeman???? There is a cop that is trying to kill me and I need help….. He already killed one woman and the state police posted lied about her cause of death several times and the paper here even CAUGHT them lying….. It was in Harlan KY any one can Google it….. I have the post on video telling me that they have secret witnesses and a secret victim……
    The judge denied me a lawyer in court but since the bond was so high that I can't get them…. My lawyer has threatened me on the phone and has REFUSED to represent me and when I spoke to her supervisor she told me too bad…. I have that recorded too…. Please help me James freeman

  7. Brother your awesome 😎 thank you
    And that is wrong and unlawful.
    Also that chick is diff. A hoe…. Glad u stayed true to your wife. 👍🏼

  8. Assault weapon ?? NO !! HERE IS THE OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT NOMENCLATURE AS WRITTEN IN THE OFFICIAL MILITARY MTOE (MODIFIED TABLE OF ALLOWANCES AND EQUIPMENT) : RIFLE , 5.56 MM M16A1. It makes no reference to the word assault. Gun ? We would be disciplined if we referred to it as a gun. (This is my, this is my gun. This is for shooting, this is for fun). Remember full metal jacket ?

  9. "it has been brought to my attention that court staff are being harassed ON YOUR BEHALF…"
    Sounds familiar 🤔 government trying to hold YOU responsible for the actions of OTHERS. 🤦
    Perhaps they should hold a press conference?

  10. So Basically, U Can't Read Nor Understand LAW.. Escort, Really😅 U Don't Know What That Means Or Did U Just Tried 2 Play That One Off On A Clerk Of The Court?
    Weak Ginger Karen 1A Move Freeman😂

  11. She stands there saying that you need an escort while trying to find the official document that you requested. She goes on to say that unless you have official business, you need an escort, as she is doing the official task requested.
    Holy crap, these people are artifacts of humans. Brain-dead zombies. WTF?

  12. Leading questions can be effective, when you ask a question that leads to the answer you desire. That is permissible outside of court.

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