Cops Tell Judge He Had A G()n In A School, But Tell Parents He Didn’t – United ISD, Laredo Texas

Feel free to reach out and try to find out if they lied to the judge, or if they are lying to the parents

United Independent School District Police

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0:00 – 3:42 Intro
3:43 – 8:38 Story and SWAT raid
8:39 – 15:45 Phone Call, PIO officer accidentally tells the truth
15:46 – 16:39 Outro and links

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49 thoughts on “Cops Tell Judge He Had A G()n In A School, But Tell Parents He Didn’t – United ISD, Laredo Texas

  1. Feel free to reach out and try to find out if they lied to the judge, or if they are lying to the parents

    United Independent School District Police

    School District Facebook Page

    Police Department FaceBook page

    Corners News On FB

    Corners News On YouTube

    0:003:42 Intro
    3:438:38 Story and SWAT raid
    8:3915:45 Phone Call, PIO officer accidentally tells the truth
    15:4616:39 Outro and links

  2. So you can't carry a gun in TX until you do a first perform a title search on any property that you might wish to visit with a gun. Now what if the school was on a property not owned by the school since property title seems to be the basis of arrest.

  3. In America religion is Big Business they have an extremely diverse portfolio…. From hospitals to unused land to a wide range of various private and commercial real estate properties and ventures.
    If a religious institution (or school district) owns commercial and private real estate that they then lease to private citizens some as residential housing etc.
    Still the religious institution (Or school district) has no right to usurp the rights of their tenants. Muslims cannot command private citizens face towards Qibla and kneel twice a day. Christians cannot force their tenants to convert to "landlord" Christian's particular denomination.
    At the risk of being boorishly redundant, every reasonably minded person can recognize this is just more American fascism. When the government has plundered the people into poverty and the people are demanding accountability for the government's criminality. American government trains terrorists to infiltrate the population and terrorize everyone, man woman child white black native American etc, to distract the public from the government's crimes. While the government continues it's criminal fascist overthrow of democracy.
    This has been in the works for decades as legislators wrote and passed laws allowing plunder and stripping rights from the people. Now it appears we are at the end game of the fascist overthrow of democracy.
    Fascist government infiltrators, in all three branches local, county, State, Federal, are all in on stripping the rights of every American just like Hitler's Nazis. This has happened many times historically, in other countries, the fascists used part of the population against the other part at the population (divide and conquer) then disarms all of the population, after securing all governmental power.
    The marriage of corporate, religion and government has never in history, or in theory, succeeded (thus the purpose of democracy) and has always left a massive body count in its wake, it is a trinity of competing and contradictory special interests.
    When the government lies and gaslights it's people, it demonstrates the government has no respect for the people and this demonstrates that the government does not actually represent the people.
    That is a perfect demonstration of fascism. Welcome to the fascist States of America

  4. I am 7 minutes into this video and I am thinking they have Bonny and Clyde trapped in this house, based on the number of armed (and very dangerous) police officers! The U.S. police use of force guidelines must be pretty lax based on the number of videos I have viewed on YouTube where they come fully locked and loaded for relatively minor issues.

  5. Very good strategy to get the PIO to admit facts the defense can use. I hope the prosecution and LEO agencies get roasted for this by the Judiciary. Then civil action can happen to correct this wrong.

  6. This guy got mad for having to pay taxes so he figured out a way to get the government to pay him the taxes instead. And oh boy I hope he gets paid fat. What a great idea.

  7. I hope this guy's attorney gets to use your video as evidence for him in the courtroom. Help these ignorant people retire.

  8. So when Texas policy enforcers need to stack up in a real school, they fail and let kids die while trying to look all pro and tough raiding an innocent man's house. Way to go Laredo…. losers. OVSHDR1 🍻 🫡 🇺🇸

  9. The cops lied on the affidavit and yeah that’s an issue but the idiot using a toy gun or honestly what was almost certainly a BB gun or airsoft gun that when holstered looks entirely real. Now if you want to do something like that because you believe that it is legal to do so and you have a point to make then use a real damn gun not a lookalike. Any reasonable person sees someone brandishing something like that they are not going to think BB gun, they are going to assume real shoot first and ask questions later just like what happened in that Taco Shop Robbery recently so if you have a point that you just have to make and believe it is legal to carry a firearm in there then have some big brass balls and stand for that point you feel you must make instead of half assing it with a lookalike

  10. Our government consistently and blatantly bends rules with little to no accountability largely because they investigate themselves, qualified immunity, and government corruption. 'Merica!

  11. My question is, and always will be, why do school districts need their own police force? Are the sheriff's department and local police not good enough for them? And why does Texas seem to have a one to one ratio for cops to citizens? It would not surprise me if somewhere in Texas a waste management district had it's own oinker department.

  12. Ok 1.. The school owning property and then leasing it to the city or county or state, is called racketeering
    2.. Using school property as a way to circumvent the infringment of constitutional rights, is itself an infringment..
    Both are downright corrupt!!

  13. There is something not right about the connections here. Why would a school campus have a tax office and their own swat team?

  14. Looks like a major lawsuit is coming, but we all lose because these government officials keep getting away with pulling crap like that

  15. Police are not Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) because they do not know / obey the Law.
    Police are not Peace Officers because violating the Law is a Breach of the Peace.
    Police are Known Felons because every Traffic Stop / Detention absent Probable Cause of a CRIME is a Felony. (Traffic infractions are not crimes.)
    Policing is Racketeering, Racketeering is Unconstitutional, Policing is Unconstitutional. Show me the Amendment making Racketeering, Policing, or Fascism Lawful.

  16. Disgusting how this police department and school district handle this situation…nothing bit tyrants and bullies..everybody involved in this made up and fake warrant should be fired immediately..shame on them

  17. Why do you pay these government minions? Are you just going to wait until a Philip Brailsford comes to your house?

  18. I’m sure they’ll do a thorough investigation of the officers actions and come to the conclusion that this was well within police policy😏😏😏

  19. This is insidious! The government is using FALSIFIED DISTRICTIZATION DISINGENUOUS TACTICS in order to “technically” declare EVERYWHERE THEY CAN as FIREARM PROHIBITED!

  20. 🤟😎📸 I wish every public entity had a public information officer just like her. Imagine how much we could find out. 🤔

  21. This whole ordeal is extremely bizarre. The guy walks into the tax office with a toy gun. Unless the video was cut from what was shown here, it looks like nobody told this guy he was not allowed to carry a firearm into the building…nor do I see any signs where it says no firearms.

    Clearly, since two days passed until an arrest warrant was carried out, it seems like he wasn’t a threat nor did it seem like there was an immediate threat considering the guy spent 20 minutes inside the tax building with no police intervention.

    However, he was enough of a threat for them to issue an arrest warrant and SWAT his home two days later?

    This is probably one of the most mind-boggling arrests I have ever seen and it’s made even more confusing by PIO because what she’s describing to James feels like a mis-enforcement of the law because it seems pretty obvious the PIO KNEW that it wasn’t a school or institution and is trying her worst to explain that it was…but in the process, she has essentially incriminated the police department for knowing enforcing a law that doesn’t exist.

    I hope this guy gets a good lawyer because I think he or she would be able to tear the ISD’s case to shreds with the evidence presented on his phone call.

  22. If these charges aren't dropped and a precedent is set, I see the school district buying EVERY building the government leases just so the state can infringe on more of your rights.

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