Caught her texting! Federal Police respond to Federal Courthouse First Amendment Audit

American Amy and Acura Amanda met up for some first amendment investigations at the federal courthouse in west palm beach. We found a worker texting on the phone in her office. To be fair it could be a lunch break but it was seemingly too early for lunch. Enjoy.

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50 thoughts on “Caught her texting! Federal Police respond to Federal Courthouse First Amendment Audit

  1. I have to be honest, I watched your much earlier audits , which i thought were good but now your format is purely driven by NONSENSICAL paper trail complaint forms and your being totally disrespectful to EVERY LAW ENFORCEMENT you meet – you REFUSE to shake hands , which I'm sorry to say, you have constantly. The "audits" you do are just make making a mockery of genuine, real audits. Please STOP. Its no wonder police are getting fed up with the bs. Enough dude. No one wants your t shirt dude because you need to go back to the basics. DREADFUL BS

  2. Some people actually communicate using their phone for their job these auditors just assumed that she was doing something wrong…hummm interesting since these busybodies don't have a life of their own they gotta go mess with people who do. It's always like that in life. The basement dwelling kids who never got kicked out of the nest are usually the biggest cry babies an d hypocrites! Get a life and stop crying wolf all day long you have no credibility…oh wait my bad…to all your basement dwelling losers i guess you do.

  3. Wish these guys would audit the town where I'm from, like the school district and just go all over the town,you'd be surprise on how many poeple will be on Facebook or YouTube, Netflix 🤦‍♂️ although there are some people or very few that actually work ,if we tell poeple to work ,we get called a bullie,mean ,rude, it be awesome if these guys would film and share it,so their bosses would see it themselves that way its not just a couple of us complaining, but their bosses are doing the same 😄

  4. A camera is a dangerous weapon. It shows the truth.
    Intentionally filming through a window is against the law.
    Even with public buildings from a public place.
    The camera makes it very clear you guys are ice holes.
    You're only intention is to harass and waste other people's time.
    If you want to help the country:
    Be sure to vote for candidates who support your agenda.
    Get involved with helping the poor,
    Join the military and serve your country.
    Volunteer – clean up the trash in your community, help the elderly, join the local volunteer fire department.
    There's many good things you could – do them.
    if the police are doing things wrong… tell your rep.
    Get involved in making a change.
    Politicians and government policy makers will not be watching your videos.
    They are busy making implement the law and making changes that the majority of citizens who elected them want them to do.
    These videos are only preaching to your cult of whackos.
    You're are not making changes.

  5. Is there an "Official Back and Shoulder Harness" that police can wear to assist in "Public Piggy Back Rides" ? I'll have to look into that…

  6. Another example of West Palm Beach not supplying their officers with true N95 medical/surgical masks. "Officer 6'5" " is wearing a typical, hardware store "N95 Dust Mask"…

  7. Be careful – "federal police" implies the hired thugs that have been beating and "arresting" peaceful demonstrators in US cities. They are sent on Trump's orders and they care not for any kind of Constitutional/Bill of Rights laws (or any laws) and are immune to prosecution.

  8. Clearly they have never heard of closing the shades if they want privacy 🙄… So probably (Fed) asked them to poke your eyes out? 😵

  9. Meanwhile, the Federal courthouse in Portland has graffiti all over it and boarded-up windows. They aren't so tough when outnumbered by obnoxious Communists.

  10. She had no problem with people watching her until she saw the camera. Probably thought she was at a stop light while she texted sensitive information over an unsecured connection to an agent in the field.

    The lawful activity of people in public is nobody else's business but people, specially police, lack the mental stamina to understand such a simple concept.

    Security officer Dingle. Federal marshal Dinglebutt.

    That fence looks like the panels between the post are designed to be dropped into place and then removed later. Maybe for easy replacement if damaged. Maybe prevent damage from ground shifting.

    Talk to people filming because … whatever.
    In this day and age, the Constitution has not been repealed and is still in force.
    In this day and age, the Constitution is still the supreme law of the nation.
    In this day and age, a law repugnant to the constitution is still void.
    In this day and age, courts, as well as other departments, are still bound by the Constitution.
    In this day and age, all public officials still recite a solemn and binding oath to uphold and protect the Constitution.
    In this day and age, it is still the solemn and binding duty of all public officials to uphold and protect the Constitutional and civil rights of all citizens.

  11. I don't understand what the big deal is whith the phone? Why do you care? Ever heard of a brake? Here we have 2 hours brake everyday…. she can do what she want along as she is doing her jobb.

  12. Seems like the auditor loses some of his professionalism whenever he is with the two imitators. Probably because of the dynamic of the three of them sharing a bed. Only assuming here…just as you guys were ASSUMING a woman was on gov't time as opposed to break time.

  13. Felons, unemployed degenerates, Drug addicts, Freemans, sovereign citizens and first amendment odditors and their supporters are all cut from the same cloth

  14. just as a devil's advocate, a lot of people conduct business through text. it's a pretty typical way to conduct business now-a-days.

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