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  1. FIRST of all … when WE WIN such suits it is NOT the taxpayers who pay! STOP REPEATING THE LIE! It stops people from filing such suits because they don't want to harm their fellow Americans in the community!

    SECOND: When WE WIN (via settlement or trial by jury) such civil suits, it is the SURETY BOND Company that pays. EVERYONE in govt (elected, appointed, hired) & EVERY Govt Dept have Surety Bonds for such cases.

    THIRD: When WE WIN – especially against specific govt personnel – they become UNBONDABLE because they have to pay the Surety Bond back. This means they cannot work in ANY capacity of govt (local county state fed) ever again. THIS is HOW we get rogue Violators of Rights off our streets!

    My book on this very topic is nearly complete, then I need to edit, etc finally publish. It has taken me years to write this book because I'm not only including the Federal Laws that folks can use to sue but also every State & Territory Laws as well. That's a lot of research, especially as a one-woman-operation. I've spoken with many attny's and even they don't comprehend what I just informed you of, but once they actually look into it, they always call me back and THANK me because it actually strengthens the cases they take against Rights Violators.

    If it were me in that situation, I guarantee you the suit would have been filed for at least $8 Million Dollars. Yes, I literally value each of my Rights at $350K. The math is simple: $350K x Violated Rights x Violators (every cop involved + PD + City)

    Example: $350K x 4 violated rights x 7 cops/pd/city = $9,800,000

    BTW: It is up to each person to decide the value of their Rights.
    NOTE: This is NOT Legal Advice – I'm utilizing Freedom of Speech to tell others what the laws actually are.

    See: Title 42 Sections 1983 1985 1986 & Title 18 Sections 241 242 (I'm not going to give all the State laws that go along with these, that would take too long)

  2. I have my mind made up so since my mind says you did it then it must be true. 👎😂🤣😂👎😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣👎🤣😂👎😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣👎😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂 is this guy still a cop because he’s a complete idiot.

  3. God I hate all these individuals I dont lnow how anyone can do this useless job they do nothing to protect the general public in any way possible thank you good sir stay safe

  4. 10:14 officer we need you to understand "the whole circle of what happened" because when we identify you are stupid and you continue to be stupid and say different you are lying. If you only listen to the guy, he was trying to protect you… Yes officer you are stupid 10:26 …. now you go down in history as ignorant and stupid beyond reasonable doubt.

  5. Earning the hate. Ignorant, lying, truly stupid, tyrant cops abusing citizens. Won’t change until we abolish qualified immunity, hold them accountable, charge them with their crimes, and take their pensions for their violations. Glad the lady won.

  6. Everyone pays a price when law enforcement officials abuse their power -Assistant Special Agent in Charge Chris MacRae with the FBI in Atlanta after the sentencing of Clayton County, Georgia Sheriff Victor Hill on 14-MAR-2023.

  7. The scales of justice are not equal. For a person to get justice, he needs to get everyone in the criminal justice system to cooperate with him. However, if just one person, important enough to the process, decides not to cooperate, that could end all of the hopes that a person has to get justice, And there are no possible criminal consequences to a person in authority for refusing to cooperate with a person trying to get justice. Everything is up to that person in authority's discretion. This is a system of justice only for people of wealth and/or status. For the rest of us, it's an injustice system rigged against us.

  8. Badges and guns don't come with the authority to ignore the Constitution, they come with the responsibility to protect it. -Assistant Special Agent in Charge Chris MacRae with the FBI in Atlanta after the sentencing of Clayton County, Georgia Sheriff Victor Hill on 14-MAR-2023.

  9. These Cops in Scottsdale are 100% the reason why Americans despise and hate all Law Enforcement! Why? Because these people will stop at nothing to make sure there is no peace or freedom in our neighborhoods. They will inject fear into the minds of the people that there are to many criminals in the community, and when they can't find the criminals, they simply try to paint the innocent people as criminals!!!These Scottsdale Police are the TRUE CRIMINALS OF THAT NEIGHBORHOOD!!!

  10. Wow. When you really think about this situation. Its disgusting. Your theory is definately possible Johhny. I think they were way too much invested into some stranger that was hit in a hit and run. They seemed more invested getting someone charged quickly with no investigation. We see the guy jump on their car windshield but is there no video of the hit and run?

  11. I would think that the camera that showed the man jumping on her windshield would also show that the car had been in that location for hours.

  12. I wish the cops weren't allowed to lie whenever they talk to us. How can we go about trying to change that? I'm serious I would really like to know. It makes me so mad when I see cops lying and accusing and roughing people up. I would love to see that happen to them!

  13. This makes me want to weep in frustration. With the victim being awarded only $200K, the cops got off easy. However, as you pointed out, a settlement in any amount, no matter how large, means nothing to the police. They just forward the bill to the taxpayers.

  14. Not only lazy policing but arrogance and ignorance. Busy making his story fit rather than listen and investigate. I bet he is still working in law enforcement because the taxpayer paid the money and this cop got maybe a paid holiday. End qualified immunity and force police to be honest and professional at all times and when they fail they are held personally responsible.

  15. $200,000 is NOT enough. Sgt Steele needs to see the inside of a jail cell, lose his house, and become a cautionary tale for other cops to learn not to bully, overtalk, and lie in an effort to take someone's freedom. His incarceration MUST come to pass. Has joined the pantheon of THE most HATED cops on Youtube.

  16. Wow and this idiot made sergeant🤦‍♂️ how stupid must the rest of the department be to have promoted this moron to a supervisory posistion🤷‍♂️ although your scenario Johnny could explain his idiotic action, I believe he’s just an incompetent idiot, with zero investigative skills.

  17. a great illustration of why you should never answer questions from law enforcement, they will just invent stuff and twist around all of the facts until you're sitting in a jail cell with bogus felony charges. the police in America are a bunch of sociopaths who don't care about right and wrong. don't play their game, you will lose.

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