LAPD STILL WITH NO MASKS, everyone MUST WEAR A MASK in CALIFORNIA when entering a business and some cities even outside walking, you are REQUIRED to wear a mask/face covering.
Are these LAPD officers so selfish as to carry out their duties while not protecting themselves and us? ARE THEY REALLY THAT DUMB that they think ‘having’ a mask is as efficient as WEARING a mask?!

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Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxwr76XajtWE7WZarFawaUA), the first and only female cop watch team

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28 thoughts on “A$$ up NO MASKS LAPD

  1. I’m thinking that someone needs to walk into the mayors office and play this and ask why lapd doesn’t have to wear them or a city council meeting and show it

  2. From what I have read and heard it would be to the LAPD Officer’s benefit to not wear masks because they are getting compensated extra money set aside for them if they claim to have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus. Just like when they shoot someone they get a paid vacation. I’m glad you keep exposing them! Awesome job Laura as usual! ❤️

  3. Why do you continue to Harassment citizens Who wish not to be recorded and you continue to do this this is very disrespectful . It’s selfish . Just for you to make a profit or A living you never tell The truth . There’s never no positive it’s always negative from you. People are people there’s good and there’s bad . You continue to point the bad out of our heroes . Do you remember 911 When it happen . Thousands of people died including our heroes and a lot of people lost there limbs . I am so thankful for our Are Heroes . We have COVID-19 I don’t know if you’re aware of it people are dying . Our communities Are Struggling job losses if you want to make a video. Do something to help the communities . Be productive in your life . Get a career go to school be happy. Just tell the truth in your videos? (John 8: 32) then you will know the truth will set free . I saw in one of your videos with Tom zebra he got sprayed with pepper spray by a woman . With catman and they said let’s call the police and the fire department that is a double Standard . So you do need there help ?.??? So Laura shark I have a Question When you are driving all hours of the night when most people are sleeping which I am If someone stole your car or try to steal from you or bodily injury are you gonna call the police for their help . And if so why you’re always negative towards police why don’t you watch the movie World Trade Center. . And if you’re not happy living in United States . Go to another country and and live there . And see if you have freedom. (God bless America)

  4. Everyine that has gotten CV-19 and had contact with LAPD Cops befrehand, needs to Sue the City and the The LAPD Department. This is one thing that I truly despise, is how the Politicians/Bureaucrats and their 'Agents' (Police) don't follow the Policies and Laws that in place for the Average Citizens. Cops need to be stripped of their Qualified Immunity, Held to the same Polices and Laws as everyone else, Pay for their own Liability Insurance (and pay for Settlements and Court Judgement's out of their Own Pockets, then the remainder is paid by the Police/Sheriff Department…. NOT BY THE TAXPAYERS ), and make it easier for a Cop to have their Law Enforcement Bond revoked making it so that they can NEVER work in Law Enforcement anywhere else in the U.S. for the rest of their Lives.

  5. The CDC and the Los Angeles County Department of Health has told us all the mask is not about protecting ourselves it's about protecting others.

  6. The law is for thee, not me.

    As a tax payer of California, you should be able to refuse to pay for the healthcare for any of the police that contract Covid 19 if you show photographic proof of their willful disregard of the present law.

    And the police wonder why they are hated in the community?

  7. Laura your a great lady but the way it is there one law for them one for the rich and no laws for the people who are not in them brackets it's wrong 100 per cent but we the people are not listen to fact how many calls have you made which you were 100 per cent right doing bringing the issues which is serious up and you have pointed out in your videos but again we see them waving 2 fingers at the system because there bosses and the unions will protect them everytime total disgrace but that the world we live in if they are making the government dollars and they are there free to do what they like

  8. It takes a cop to violate an idiots rights to wake up when your recording and telling them why, and if 💩 faces don’t want to wear a mask 😷 then so be it, suicide is a choice shark 🦈 😉😷

  9. checked into 'a million hits' he has 1/3 of the subscribers you have so that ladies comment about you not knowing who he is then "yo ass shouldn't be Inna game" was ignorant .

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