NYPD Cop Stripped Of Badge And Gun After Shocking Assault On Bystander

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21 thoughts on “NYPD Cop Stripped Of Badge And Gun After Shocking Assault On Bystander

  1. They should ganged up on this idiot. The minute some of these people get a gun and a badge they lose all common sense Funny they didn’t have half this energy when they were getting run over at the capitol.

  2. My brother got his ass beat by police for nothing they even moved him out of site sold another onlooker wouldn't see it also my best friend and another acquaintance got their ass kicked by police again same method all three were white white people get their ass kicked too if they're poor I want deny that black people seem to get their rights violated more but they are definitely against poor white people as well I think all the poor and minorities should Stand Together and just say no more

  3. Did this Nigga Charlemagne say in the Bronx East ninth Street Avenue D, nigga that’s the lower Eastside in Manhattan stupid you could tell this Nigga ain’t from New York but for you to be working here over 6 years and having your radio show in Manhattan you should know where is East ninth Street and Avenue D is dummy or at lease get your facts straight before doing donkey of the day.

  4. Here is the actual video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5f8ZKZzFDw 1) The smell of marijuana should not be an excuse illegal search and seizure. Marijuana does not make anyone violent. 2) The knee on the neck to be done a way with. You have three other men on the take down. You are not to put any pressure on the joints. With all the adrenaline rush you could easily break something. 3) That officer was twice as big as that other guy. There was no need to strike him.

  5. Also, the NYC Police have too much power in the City. They have a monopoly on the policing of the City. The NYC Police Department needs to be reduced to 15,000. A secondary and independent sheriff's Department needs to be Created in each borough geared towards responding to lower-level crimes with a force of about 10,000 to make policing competitive.

  6. I have a word of advice for Police. At one time I did security work for a living. It is from my experience that I say If the Community likes you. No matter what you do they will fight for you and not let you go anywhere (Get terminated). The problem with a lot of officers is fellow police officers approve them but not the community. They are serving some other value system than the communities. A Police Department must be a reflection of our constitution and the community it serves (Jewish, Black, Italian, Muslim, etc.). The ethical principle upon which many police Departments run on is as long as you get the job done I don't care how you get it done. This principle must be eliminated.

  7. And it did with Mr George Floyd rest in paradise brotha…. Who was killed with a casual knee on his neck while other police watch it for 8min34sec doing nothing but provoking it more by stereotyping citizens

  8. Nah, the browns aka the "others" they aint putting in no work, they just kick back and reap the benefits of our efforts.

  9. Remember the time Charlemagne rapped that minor at his house party? Ohhhh wait he said that was someone else…. at his house…. using his name. He needs to get clocked on the street again

  10. I seen the original video and i do not agree with how the police handled that situation. Police brutality comes too mind. Nothing was okay about this situation. Police officers should act with the utmost professionalism at all times but the sad truth is that they dont.

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