Unarmed, Scared, Sheriff has Gun Pointed at Her by Armed Felon!!!!

​@CopsConsTV obtained body worn camera footage from the aftermath of a car crash that resulted in a person identified as Diego Eguino-Alcala, 27, exiting the vehicle and retrieving a shotgun from his vehicle.

He pointed it at several people who were trying to help crash victims. Doña Ana County Sheriff Kim Stewart was one of the witnesses at the scene.

Sheriff Stewart was with victims on scene when Equino-Alcala racked the shotgun and pointed it at them. Stewart called 911 and let her know who she was and called out information to the 911 operator.

Eguino-Alcala jumped on the back of a truck and was thrown off by the driver. He then ran from the scene where a Doña Ana County Sheriff deputy chased him in a vehicle. The deputy engaged him and while the suspect reached for his waistband the deputy fired and struck him.

Eguino-Alcala died from the gun shot wounds. The multi agency cleared the deputy from the shooting. Sheriff Stewart is up for

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhFUJrzHAYM ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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30 thoughts on “Unarmed, Scared, Sheriff has Gun Pointed at Her by Armed Felon!!!!

  1. So she was unarmed and didn't have a phone. I always plan for the worst and hope to the best. If I'm there it's no longer a gun free zone. I'm glad they were all ok.

  2. "Yeah. That guy's 10-7"
    "he is?"
    "wait to start your third week, by yourself, huh?"
    "oh its justified"

    10-7 means the guy was killed.. or that they are planning to kill him

  3. Too many democrat run cities released felons from prisons around the time of this crime. This time its good that the felon ended up dead.

  4. She said I wish I never stopped never again (will I be a Good Samaritan). Yep as a citizen I won’t stop because now adays you don’t know.

  5. That Sheriff is an amazing lady!! and I am only a five minute into the video.

    For the love of GOD PLEASE if you are legally allowed to carry a firearms. Please do BUT make sure you get trained up and know the laws when you can and cannot shoot.Pistol shooting in particular is a diminishing skill.If you don't use it you lose it. I carry ANYWHERE I am legally allowed to whether I am jumping in my truck and running to the local kwik stop or going on an out of state trip. I always check the states I am traveling thru and their reciprocity with my state. How would you feel if something happened to one of your Children that could have been prevented? Or a home break in? As a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother etc. It is my responsibility as all of them to protect my family. I cannot fathom not doing all I can to protect them. Sorry about the rant but police are not there to protect you and the Supreme Court has ruled that. Buy a gun, train and know your laws.Off my soap box now.

  6. Several people asked this sheriff if she had her gun? She didn't have her gun. Are you kidding, this is California, where criminals are the only people allowed to possess guns.

  7. Incompetent Sheriff? I heard them say She was from CALIFORNIA? Excuses are worthless; "Too many people?" She SHOULD have been carrying her weapon!!!

  8. Absolutely no business being in law enforcement!
    She would do great in DC under Biden in some capacity for sure. This video would qualify her and get her before the Congress to vote on her placement in Biden's administration.

  9. If she had been armed he probably would have killed her, that's why U.K Police don't carry guns, there is no need to shoot a British police officer and if you do you will serve most of your life in jail, better they just make their escape and within 3-4 minutes SWAT are everywhere with SAS available by helicopter if anyone is actually shot, so the motivation to shoot a British cop is Zero, they can't kill you, you can escape, and the Jail sentence would make their eyes water if you did…. BUT the professional marksmen will get them very soon after, as it should be done, it's left to highly trained heavily protected, and deadly armed special forces. Just compare the number of U.S Police murdered to U.K Police per an equal amount of Police, by carrying guns gives armed criminals the NEED to shoot the Cop otherwise THEY will get shot, you are making them arm up because you are !!
    I know this will go in one ear and out the other of most Americans reading this, they have never been able to grasp this concept, but comparing your cop deaths per thousand to any other unarmed country clearly proves it. It just depends if you actually want to make policing safer over there or let this death count keep rising.

  10. Funny fuck I'll never do that again but then when they wanna go off and road rage or something else they're always on duty

  11. See that blue Chevy traverse. That was me, my wife and 3 boys. We witnessed the accident and he brandished the shotgun at us after I was just trying to help him out of the vehicle. Then the sheriff Kim Stewart drove up and a of duty paramedic also. So I just walked away. It was definitely a scary situation. Missed church because of it.

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