Out of Control Rio Arriba Sheriff interferes in City Councilor warrant!!! (pt2 of 5 SHERIFF SCANDAL)

@CopsConsTV An Out of Control Rio Arriba Sheriff interferes in a City Councilor warrant as served by Espanola city police officers. (this is part 2 of a Sheriff SCANDAL).

Watch as a possibly intoxicated public official shows up to bail out his fellow public official friend who has been accused of a stabbing incident.

The end of the video has the search warrant and Criminal Complaint attached. THIS IS A MUST READ TO GET CAUGHT UP ON THE DRAMA UNFOLDING!!!

Also watch Version 2,3,4 and version 5 videos where the Sheriff is arrested by Espanola Police Officers at his own headquarters.

This is part 2 of a 5 part series involving the Rio Arriba Sheriff in Espanola, NM.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr6vCPnrIgY ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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29 thoughts on “Out of Control Rio Arriba Sheriff interferes in City Councilor warrant!!! (pt2 of 5 SHERIFF SCANDAL)

  1. This drunk, narcissistic sheriff obviously has a massive superiority complex. I’m so sorry all these recordings have been made available to the public. He thinks he’s a hero, showing up to save the day, taking over the situation by bullying the young officers. The sheriff even said that the city councilor called him, upset, and asked him to come over to “help him out”! The sheriff’s utter disrespect of the officers just trying to do their jobs is shameful.

    It sucks that the young officers were scared and bullied by the sheriff and councilman into not doing what they were supposed to do— immediately take charge and demand the phone from the councilman! I hope the department was able to recover the info they needed from the phone.

  2. Hard to believe with all of this going on, they STILL elected John Ramon Vigil the mayor of Espanola. Unreal. Unfuckingreal.

  3. I have to wonder what is wrong with the PD? Here's your warrant,thanks for the phone. Call Bob with your wife's phone, peace out and see ya!

  4. It seems like in New Mexico, nobody knows what the fuck is going on. Most police videos I see come out of New Mexico, it looks like a shit show there.

  5. That Sheriff is corrupt. How the hell does he know when to just appear at these scenes interfering with investigations. So you can just call up the Sheriff when other departments are on an investigation? And the Sheriff said he called me at home all nervous. That's good to know, maybe I'll move there and if I get in trouble with other departments I'll just call the Sheriff. I'll say it again that Sheriff is corrupt!!!

  6. Anyone have the feeling that if this family committed murder and was caught by this pos sheriff's office that they will get away with it?

  7. Absolute scumbag. One has to wonder how many other counties this is happening in and what else was going on that we didn’t find out.

  8. I’ve tried to understand the people who are so angry at every cop, call them names and gloat when they make a mistake. I’ve determined they may fit into one of several categories: they got caught and are unable or too immature to accept responsibility for their behavior; they failed out of the police academy or were found to not have the mental acuity to be a police officer; a cop took their girlfriend; they find it necessary to paint all police with the same brush because they have an eternal chip on their shoulder. I’m sure I’ll think of more.

  9. Such an incredible network of shadowy figures! The sheriff that continually shows up, and everyone else involved, look very filthy to me, as though the house of cards is falling in their little fiefdom. Isn't this about the same red flag as someone that won't get out of their car on a traffic stop?

  10. What a marooncan you imagine what he would do if someone interfered with him. He's acting like this guys lawyers. These a matters that need to dealt with in court. This guy needs to comply with the warrant. Attorneys don't intervene at this point. These cops have been more than patient. Andy of Mayberry should go back and find Barney.

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