@Cops&Cons Legal Expert Breaks Down Recent Cases

Dan our legal expert talks about about our recent video uploads and recent police cases around the country.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKWvAnJQwb8 ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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27 thoughts on “@Cops&Cons Legal Expert Breaks Down Recent Cases

  1. Are you concerned with liability of making money off someone who was arrested, but later found the charges were bogus and now the person you highlighted in the video has a good lawsuit against you for defamation. Most of these people don't have the deep pockets needed to file a lawsuit you could run into someone who does take your ass to the cleaners. You realize a lawsuit could cost you 100k-200k dollars in legal fees. Section 230 puts all the liability on the channel owner. If it were me I would review these videos carefully before releasing them. You might say oh it's public video you know that police have immunity from these kinds of lawsuits you don't.

  2. 33:00 did you see the bodycam of the woman hitting and almost running over like three people with her car??? Lolol. They should’ve killed her 🙃 kids in the car too. It was insane. Hit multiple police cars. Maybe you’ve covered it, I’m new here.

  3. I really enjoy your podcasts but they are so few of them. Do you have more of them on an another channel? I even introduced my husband to your channel. When I'm doing yard work or cooking, its really more enjoyable when I have your podcasts playing. I hope that you will have more podcasts in the future. Also if you haven't done so already, can you talk about Sheriff Lujan's case?

  4. I hope you don’t mind posting one of the two videos of paraplegic John Malaer that you please should look up. The case was just dismissed. If the link in my following answer doesn’t work, then search for John Malaer. Thanks & greets!

  5. Stealing a police vehicle military vehicle or private security vehicle such as a armored vehicle should always be treated with maximum force due to the possibility of potential harm to the community.

  6. "Cops&Cons" implies that there is a distinction between the two. I would humbly suggest that the name for this channel be "Cons&Cons"

  7. He is not a legal expert…Barely pasted FTO in his short stink as a cop, then is not a juris and has no legal education background

  8. Our PD leaves the keys in the ignition and keep the fob in their pocket so they lock it when they get out and unlock it to get in you could break the window out (if it's tempered glass not laminated) or a slimjim or long reach tool to break in and steal them onstar can shut the car down and give GPS coordinates to recover the car he was probably fired for his excuse for leaving the car unlocked

  9. Several years ago some animal rights people locked themselves together as a protest.
    Next day, the huge photo on the front page had a cop putting mace in the eyes of a female protestor WITH A QTIP. One cop holding her head, one assaulting her eyes.
    Horrific optics !!!

    The next weekend, the protestors came to my town. It was a hot day and the cops brought them LOTS of water … so they wouldn't dehydrate … sorta …
    Pretty soon, it's bathroom time. Once unchained, they were not allowed to re-join. Smart.

  10. The officers escalated that situation. There was no need for an officer to stand on the hood of a car with a gun pointed at the driver. The knife has only a three to four foot range. If the officer would have opened the passenger side of the door the driver would not have been able to stab. The other officer could have stood behind the driver's side door when it was unlocked. Those officers were 100% in the wrong. That legal expert must be working for the police. Apparently he has never heard of qualified immunity so if an officer kills someone they'll only do 5 years and get out on good behavior. Not all officers are bad and they earn a decent wage.

  11. They could have broken the passenger window, use the power locks to unlock the doors. Once he has calmed down they could have easily got that knife away from him. His family should sue the hell out of the police department and the officers involved. I hope they lose their qualified immunity.

  12. I will make one more comment and the zip it. (This is why I like Livestreams. 😂) It's easy enough for us to be armchair quarterbacks. We don't know the state of mind of the Police Officer's or the people they come into contact with. Okay, 🤐😂

  13. @Cops&Cons Question: There was a man in my state about 20 years ago. He was going to attack a Policeman with a butter knife. The Policeman shot and killed the man. Aren't there times where shooting them in the leg or arm would be a better option?

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  15. The Colorado State patrol did the right thing. Police officers need mental health training to deal with these types of situations

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