Columbus Police Officer Shoots Armed Man Running Away From a Traffic Stop

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Columbus, Ohio — On Febuary 5, 2023, about 3:05 p.m., officers stopped a car on the South Side near the intersection of Stanley and Wilson avenues. A man inside, 66-year-old Michael Cleveland, got out shortly after being approached and began running away. Officer Joshua Ohlinger gave chase, first pulling his Taser before dropping it and unholstering his gun. Cleveland appears to throw a firearm aside as Officer Ohlinger fires his weapon at Cleveland’s back six times while Cleveland continues to flee. Cleveland was treated by officers on scene before he was taken to a hospital in critical condition, which was upgraded to stable. Multiple officers were on scene, but Ohlinger was the only one who fired at Cleveland. Columbus police have charged Cleveland, whom court records indicate has had a lengthy criminal history, with being a felon illegally in possession of a firearm.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Columbus Police Officer Shoots Armed Man Running Away From a Traffic Stop

  1. SocialJusticeMode ON: Cops should not be allowed to shoot someone who draws a gun. They should also not be allowed to shoot when the gun is pointed at them. How do they even know it is loaded ? Even if they do get shot at cops should not be allowed to shoot back. How do they know the other person is trying to harm them and not only scare them away. Only time cops should be allowed to use their gun is after they got killed. Of course this is impossible but then they will be given a posthumous medal. SocialJusticeMode OFF

  2. Approximately 4 seconds from visual to neutralized. If the officer hadn’t noticed those 4 seconds could’ve meant officers or bystanders on the ground

  3. Suspect pulled a gun in an alley after fleeing a traffic stop into a crowded residential area, not the best look. It's definitely not the smartest play for staying in good condition. Officer had an obligation to end this situation.

  4. When was he pointing or any other kind of threat?? There were even people in the way and a house. Toooootally dangerous and unnecessary to shoot him. He even dropped his gun before. The cop shot a second after he screamed the suspect shall show his hands. The suspect had no chance to react. Running away is reason enough to be almost executed???

  5. What is wrong with people in this town? Six rapid fire shots outside and some fool is banging away on a drum like it’s no big deal.

  6. Didn’t know you can shoot a guy running away from you. Having a gun but not pointing it at you isn’t a threat. They teach you that in any basic CCW class. If a legally licensed citizen shot someone just because he had a gun and was running away they’d be arrested

  7. Worst part is this criminal will get out and hurt more people. Why couldn't have this ended better where the criminal dies.

  8. Gun or no, THIS is how you stop someone who runs from the police!!! If the cop can't catch you, the LEAD WILL!!

  9. Officer had some problems with his initial commands. He finally realized how to speak properly when giving commands. Good video. Good guys up, bad guys down.

  10. They were in a kill tunnel.
    In context: Imagine the guy rounds that corner, takes cover, and starts shooting.

    They can't very well just lay down cover fire because of street traffic and houses in the background.

    If they stay put, move forward, or backwards, the bad guy could get good shots on them because they can't go very far side to side.

    Why do I know? Because I once ran from a guy who emptied his gun on me, as I was running between two buildings (by the grace of God, I didn't get hit).

    What's crazy is, it was in this neighborhood!

  11. Wow 😢, Running away continues to be considered a THREAT and a reason for the police to be JUDGE, JURY and EXECUTIONER and kill another black man in the street 😢

  12. There was a group of people that he was running towards. If you look close the officer angled to avoid crossfire on them, and that is the reason for why he shot when he did. He wasn't going to get another safe chance to engage without endangering them. Really smart, quick thinking from the officer.

  13. A 66 year old career criminal that still pulls a gun when police are a couple feet behind him… How has this dude lived for so long…

  14. No happy ending. Now that Great North American Pavement Ape gets to enjoy a caged exhibit on the tax payers dime. How much longer Saxon man?

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