Austin Police Officers Shot Suspect Seconds After Jumping Off Downtown Porch

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Austin, Texas — On Sunday, January 15, 2023 at approximately 11:33 p.m., Austin 911 Communications received multiple 911 calls regarding a man with a gun and gunshots fired in the downtown area. The 911 calls were received within seconds of one another. The callers provided various locations in and around W. 6th Street. Officers immediately responded to the calls for help. At 11:34 p.m., a 911 call was received with multiple people on the phone line. A female on the call said an individual was shooting in the area of Lavaca Street and 5th Street. A male on the same 9-1-1 call said someone was shot. At 11:36 p.m., another 911 caller described a chaotic scene with people running in the 300 block of W. 6th Street. Officers responded to the area as the information was provided by Austin 911 communications.

At 11:35 p.m., the first officers arrived on the scene and began searching for the man with a gun. Information was obtained from the 911 callers and witnesses on the scene. Based on the information, a description was given to officers, which was put out over the police radio. Officers continued searching the area as they gathered information about the suspect’s description and last known direction of travel. The suspect was described as a male, thin build, 6’1″ to 6’2″, with “afro style hair,” and wearing all dark clothing. At approximately 11:38 p.m., a male shooting victim was located at 5th and Lavaca Street, and he began speaking with officers. The victim had a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. Officers provided medical aid to the victim as Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services (ATCEMS) was called at the scene.

The male victim was transported to a local hospital by ATCEMS, where he was treated and discharged. Officers continued searching the area for the suspect involved in the shooting. At approximately 11:43 p.m., three APD officers riding in an APD utility vehicle in the area saw a male, later identified as 30-year-old Anthony Marquis Franklin, who matched the description of the shooter. As the officers began to approach and call out to Franklin, they observed Franklin had a gun. The officers yelled out “gun” to one another. The officers gave Franklin several commands to drop the gun. Franklin did not comply with the officers’ orders. He began to run westbound on W. 6th Street and then northbound on Colorado Street. One of the officers jumped out of the utility vehicle and began to run after Franklin on foot. The other two officers continued to follow in the utility vehicle.

The officers verbally commanded Franklin to drop the gun and show his hands. Franklin again did not comply with the officer’s commands. As the pursuit of Franklin approached 601 Colorado Street, Franklin ran onto the porch of a building. An unknown male was also on the porch and, at this point in the investigation, is not believed to be involved in this incident. The unknown male quickly jumped off the porch with his hands up and ran away from the scene. The officers continued to order Franklin to show his hands. Franklin also jumped off the porch and fell to the ground. Within seconds, all three officers fired their Department-issued firearms at Franklin, striking him. Franklin threw the gun toward a vehicle parked on the street near him.

The gun landed directly in front of Franklin. The officers told Franklin, “do not move,” and he complied with those commands. Once officers gained compliance from Franklin, the officers approached Franklin even though the gun was still within close proximity to Franklin. The officers secured Franklin and searched him for additional weapons. The officers immediately began life-saving measures. Officers requested medical assistance to the scene. Franklin was transported to a local hospital by ATCEMS with serious injuries, and at approximately 12:30 a.m., Franklin succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased. No other civilians or officers sustained physical injuries. A firearm was located on the ground near Franklin.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer Kelby Radford
1:18 – Bodycam: Officer Jacob Bowman
2:31 – Bodycam: Officer Ryan Rawlins
3:43 – Surveillance Footage

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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38 thoughts on “Austin Police Officers Shot Suspect Seconds After Jumping Off Downtown Porch

  1. I must fetch my porcelain tear catcher to preserve evidence of my weeping over this severe loss to society.

  2. So he is riddled with bullet holes and still won't comply to stop moving wasting time that could have been used to save him. Can some please explain this.

  3. Really like how the passenger was a right handed shooter, whereas the driver was a lefty. Huge benefits. Its the small things.

  4. *What the Family's lawyer said:* "“The video makes it absolutely clear. Anthony Franklin was on the ground crouched in the fetal position when these officers opened fire, shooting him in the back and killing him. In other words, while most of us were celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, Anthony Franklin was taking his last breaths because these officers thought they were gunslingers instead of peace officers." (The Gilmer Mirror/ AP)

    Their lawyers are prominently known for wrongful death cases primarily for Black clients.

  5. Cops do more effective Drive-by's… even in golf carts 😅 💙💙
    "succumbed to his injuries…"
    🎵 Music in my ears… 🎶 🎧🤗

  6. He dives and rolls points gun, gets Swiss cheese then throws the gun hits the tire bounces back and lands directly in front of him.

    Talk about Karma applying Final Destination, Swiss cheese episode.

    This dude should of thought about his life choices that day.

  7. Imagine if they brought an juggernaut with an BFG any kind I'm 100% sure they will turn them selves in to the police cus of the 50Bmg

  8. Wow! Appears like guy was jumping and trying get away but got shot in the process. No reaching or firing back at officers if a gun was on him. The moral of the stories with cops are when they say STOP or DON'T MOVE u better Freeze like popsicle.

  9. The sound of that gun hitting the ground and the fact he was trying to hold on to it. Then when he got lite up tried to throw the gun under that vehicle.

  10. That guy got plugged in the rear end and took the concrete temperature challange, some people are stupid to believe that certain actions don´t comes with consequences. Great job Officers..

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